Celebrating Waivio birthday at SteemFest

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With @SteemFest just around the corner, I am excited to share Waivio vision and progress with Steem community!

SteemFest in Krakow, Poland became our birthplace and we even have an official birth certificate on GitHub ! Check this out:

Waivio's birth certificate

Waivio's birth certificate

Sincere thanks to @roelandp for taking such good care of us all by organizing these meaningful and fun events. Meeting so many like-minded people at the same time is awesome!

I remember introducing the concept of object reference protocol to @andrarchy and @birdinc for the first time. We’ve discussed how we can make Steem useful for businesses. At the time, these were just vague ideas about how this could work in a decentralized environment, but today, it is possible to browse restaurant listings with menus and food reviews on Waivio - just like we've imagined!

During lobby discussions with @demotruk and others, we explored ideas for customized social websites with relevant news feeds, lists of domain experts, maps and how it should be a 1-2-3 step process to launch these sites. And now the Waivio hosting platform for custom social business and lifestyle sites is in the final stages of development!

And on the last day of SteemFest, I had a chat with @lukestokes about the attention trading and how it could one day replace traditional intrusive advertising and turn users into the main beneficiaries of the process. In time for SteemFest in Thailand, Waivio plans to launch the first version of the open attention marketplace, initially focusing on food and other reviews.

We are very excited to celebrate our first anniversary at SteemFest in Bangkok in a company of enthusiastic and like-minded people!

Steem as a platform for business

Steem as a platform for business

In the meantime, we invite you to check out Waivio's proposal: Steem as a platform for business on the Steem Proposal System , vote for us and support us in building a great future here on Steem!

See you all in Bangkok soon!


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday and good luck for your project.

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