Waivio: How to add an icon to a hashtag on Steem

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Now you can add icons to hashtags on Steem using Waivio.com. And here is a quick how-to demo:

Hashtag icons are actively used on Waivio to give a quick visual summary of what the post is about:

Posts by @romanskv and @traveljack894

Posts by @romanskv and @traveljack894

You can also click on these images to see all the other recent posts with this hashtag as well as the list of experts (influencers) who often use this hashtag.

There are hundreds of thousands of unique hashtags on Steem blockchain and most of them have no images associated with them.

Today we'll add an icon to the hashtag #coffee:


It is possible to add metadata to hashtags on Waivio. You can think of them as public wiki objects that can be edited by any Steem user. First, click the Edit button:


Now you can add an icon to the hashtag:


In the following example, we will upload an image from the computer:


This image is from PngTree.com website. The Premium subscription to this service grants permissions for the commercial use of images on websites and allows modification of images.


Now the icon is associated with the hashtag and all the posts using #coffee hashtag.

Post by @mrblackbird

Post by @mrblackbird

Note: Icons can be also added to hashtags using URLs.

Other Steemians can also suggest different icons for the same hashtag. All these submissions will be aggregated in the Updates secition of the hashtag page. Users can cast their votes using Accept/Reject buttons on updates.

Update by @diningguide

Update by @diningguide

Value of the vote is directly proportional to the domain expertise of the user in that object.

If you like what we do and if you think it is beneficial to the Steem ecosystem, please support Waivio on the Steem Proposals System.

Every vote counts!

And just #keepsteeming!


I like hashtag #keepsteeming. Very appropriate during these long and cold crypto months.

Isn't it cute? image

What kind of icon can you attach to something like #philosophy or #truth?

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