Waivio: How to add a restaurant to the Steem blockchain

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Waivio makes it possible to add listings, including businesses, products, destinations and more to the Steem blockchain.

Here is a follow-along video tutorial on how to add a restaurant to the Steem social blockchain using Waivio.com

In order to verify if the restaurant is already listed on Steem, simply enter the name of the restaurant in the search bar on Waivio.



Once you have confirmed that listing does not exist, proceed to create a new one: new post > new restaurant > paste name > confirm.

Creating a new restaurant

Creating a new restaurant

It may take a few moments for the blockchain to be updated and for the new restaurant to appear in the search results.

Find new restaurant

Find new restaurant

Now, the restaurant has a unique URL associated with it, which can be used in posts to reference it - https://www.waivio.com/object/gei-steveston-seafood-house

In order to add information to the listing, switch to the Editing mode:

Select Edit

Select Edit

When a new restaurant is created, the relevant ratings and tag categories are also added.

In a series of steps, enter data for each relevant field accordingly:

Enter data for relevant fields

Enter data for relevant fields

Good service for GPS coordinates lookup - https://latitude.to/

In case of a mistake, go to Updates, locate the entry and select Reject:

Fixing a mistake

Fixing a mistake

Adding new information and making changes to a distributed blockchain can take a few moments. To see what the listing looks like, simply reload the page (it will automatically switch from Edit mode to View mode).

Congratulations! You just added a new restaurant listing to the Steem blockchain. And now you can even write the first review:

Write a review

Write a review

All reviews will be automatically collected under the Review tab of the listing (example, Sushi Mura):

Restaurant reviews

Restaurant reviews

This is how the community's knowledge and experience can now be accumulated on the Steem social blockchain!

If you like what we do and if you think it is beneficial to the Steem ecosystem, please support Waivio on the Steem Proposals System.

Every vote counts!

And just #keepsteeming!


i believe you need to implement breweries as well. Then the beers, and make it Untappd - like)


We just need to decide what ratings and tag categories are applicable for breweries and we can upload them to Steem blockchain. Then you can build custom websites with that data, add beer menus, ingredients, etc.

And the main benefit of doing it on Waivio - simple business model, where users can write reviews and earn liquid rewards.

Just check an Untappd out!
It's an easy way of checking in the beers - it's name and raiting from 0 to 5
You can do it more professional into the RateBeer style - where the beer taster can judge different beer parameters such as appearance, aroma, flavor etc

Waivio makes it very simple to build such communities and check-in services. Steem blockchain can serve as the data structure to store public data about breweries, pubs and beers (very similar to restaurants/dishes). Each of these entries will have their own unique URL and can be referenced in Steem posts. And every review will be immediately linked to every mentioned object (ex, brewery, beer).

Also each object type has its own list of ratings and tag categories.

DISCOVER mode would allow browsing of objects on the map, all kind of filters (tags, ratings, keywords, etc.)

And all of it is also backed by a solid business model of Attention Trading. For example, breweries can offer small rewards to users for reviewing their beers (say, $.50 or $1.00). These can be paid as a combination of upvotes and direct payments (liquid STEEM). And you can collect a commission for managing their rewards programs.

In addition to that your app can be listed as, say, a 9% beneficiary on all the reviews submitted though your app.

Service can be expanded further to equipment, supplies or restaurants (showing where this beer is available, at what price and what kind of dishes people pair it with).

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Hey @grampo one question: How do the follower numbers on your website come about? Example: I have 1125 followers on Steemit, and on https://www.waivio.com/@reiseamateur/followers I have only 515. Are the remaining ones missing those who muted, or my followers who are no longer active? cheers

@reiseamateur, the reported bug was fixed. At the time of your report Waivio indexed only active users. Now Waivio indexed the entire chain history, and the number of followers should now be correct. There is still a small discrepancy in numbers and we are reviewing this as well.

Looks like a bug. Thanks for finding it! I requested the devops team to look into this.

This is incredible. Is it possible to place an order for something from the restaurant irrespective of one's location?

Since the information is stored on the blockchain it allows other nodes to use it and build additional services, including table reservations, food delivery services and more. Crypto pre-payments can be integrated into the process as well.

The main point is that all that data can be instantly integrated into other projects, including company data, product information, ratings, tags, user feedback and reviews.

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