In the fickle world, loving you - dedication.

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Many times, the class, nowhere to go will always go to a stall, a street, a person, quietly, sitting, watching people come and go.

Occasionally, Xue Xiaochan reminds me of some sentences, "the fellow who will eventually meet" or "in the fickle world, affectionately alive", so, I want to write a few words for you, and these words is also called the "" in the fickle world, affectionately you "strike!

Yes, always wanted to write a few words for you, although unrefined, but uttering the affection is abundance in the punctuation.

Many times Oh, lonely for a long time, has become a lonely.

Always envy those who handle to walk in the misty rain Changjie partner, envy those on a park bench whispering lovers, envy those eyes turbidity but affectionate isologue evening wife, envy those reminders in a hurry ordinary husband and wife.

In this fickle world, people come and go, and some life can have a few people? How can I have a few people? The circle of the sun and the moon is never changed, but it has been seen through the number of return to life and death. The sun cool thin, round fiber, and ever who changed color? The red haired, hundred years a flurried, either you or me, in fact, has been in repeating the same story, a love hate affection.

Spring steamed autumn taste, vegetable aroma, days in the Tansu a food packing, then yellow, to the end, we will go to that wall belongs to own walls.

Nuanyang summer season, the sun bright and clean, verdant trees, that is the old plant fertilizer branch. This green day, green new, like most of you yi. In such a season, meeting you, also like the warm warm. Meet you, in the best season, is very good. Because, my heart is with your heart, and related.

And you know what you are, and not only beautiful, and I love the.

If you can, on a certain day, holding your hand, walking in the time in a hurry back, in the flowers, leaves the blurred gap, in the twilight of hair hanging down, fabric decoration is my feelings for you, somehow life, OK!

Time can die, and the deep feeling is not old, is willing to work with you.

My bridge in Xiamen, overlooking the sea and the sky, looking for nearness of you, or, at the other end of the bridge is your shallow figure, hazy in the deep lane in the rain, hazy in the rain of blue smoke, hazy in the depths of the sea at night, and I was at this time that wish goose word back, the full moon at the floor of the West.

The years of temper, let me seem unkind, is very affectionate!

Finally I went through the season of promenade, in the fickle world, affectionately living, and a person, you in the corner of the city, expect a warm Ann encounter, willing Jun heart like my heart, Acacia meaning.

Affectionately waiting for, we are not afraid of time cool thin; love a person can love to turn hostility into friendship, not afraid of Huashi wanes, and years Dimei Whitehead, and time to share the same bed. Can't say goodbye, just stand in the intersection of every time, waiting for you...... .

Watching the smoke of the night, think of the love of Xu Zhimo and Lin Whei-yin. Xiamen these days, like rain and fog in London, like, intentionally or unintentionally, to create a green smoke and romantic atmosphere, every day as Ruoyouruowu floating green smoke rain, hazy mood, endless. Very accidental, they met, an oil paper umbrella, or a Xue Tao, the paper, from the text to travel, from the reality to the dream, from yesterday to tomorrow morning, between the lines of deep shallow pen walked deep feeling. Sometimes, the heart of silence on each other. Perhaps, because of love, love will be the case. Only love, will see words such as surface, watching the rain love; only love, only the wind is soft, heart like double screen, thousands of nodes; and only love, will want to tea never cold, wine will never stop. How many touched, perhaps only have loved the person who does not love, can understand.

A time long waiting, is to defend; a time long Xiangshou is the love; a time long love is loving!

The night Star micro wind, Ariel push, mind quiet as like yarn woven curtain, the deep feeling faint hazy. Such love, ideal for a quiet place, suitable to a powerful and unconstrained style of width to free and unfettered suddenly far suddenly near distance, suitable for me here, you there Acacia, for the moment the lonely, only my personal taste, a person drunk, a personal comfort faint of heart: fireworks easy cold, variable in the world of mortals, bright after the time and distance will not constant leave permanent prosperity. Silent night silent, the wind, sea heart, night temperature, Wen Cunzhi suddenly in an instant, all acts in the memory remains cool thin. So, dipped in the night as ink, painting Gulangyu, affection will be a world for the Xiamen sky decorated with fireworks, let sentiment beautiful, uniform into a state of mind, drag king into a painting, the word is bleeding!

Yes, in addition to Dianpei, who will take me at the moment but disorderly melancholy wandering? But you, but I will be cooking, burning that a fireworks heating?

Remember do not know who said, only in the lonely will be eager to have a and their sympathetic people, can be mundane ridden the and many touching fragments will be ignored. I think you and I hit it off, there is a meet


I wonder where is the origin of this article? Google only shows one result in Chinese.

origin of a lovely girl

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