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Hello Steemians of the WAFRICA family.💃💃

I am @gee1, the fun lady♥️♥️♥️. Happy New Month. Welcome to the month of love. I hope you show love to everyone that matters to you not just this month but always. Last January gotta be the fastest January in history. It ended so fast.

Welcome to yet another curation post for today. I am @gee1, I hope your weekend has been beautiful? Mine has been great.



This is an avenue created by @wafrica to encourage good contents on the steem blockchain. Below are the selected posts by me.All featured post will get 100% upvote from @wafrica.curators

@nonsowritesStronger African Communitieshttps://steemit.com/community/@nonsowrites/stronger-african-communities-01ll9dcg
@martinsworldWhat makes relationship pleasanthttps://steemit.com/esteem/@martinsworld/what-makes-relationship-pleasant-901fca5e67dc8
@unclefzElection safety tipshttps://steemit.com/wafrica/@unclefz/election-safety-tips
@cryptogod2018Staying Positive Always - Number 1 Rule To A Triumphant Existencehttps://steemit.com/life/@cryptogod2018/staying-positive-always-number-1-rule-to-a-triumphant-existence

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To get upvotes from @wafrica and to also stand a chance to be featured. You must do the following:

You must use #wafrica as one of your tags.

You must also be following @wafrica.

Your post must contain at least 300 characters with a minimum of 1 image or photo.
Your post must be in English.

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Thanks for being a part of this family. I am @gee1. Live your best life always 😘😘😘.

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This is a wonderful approach. Its will encourage a lot of us. Thank you very much for this initiative @wafrica. Cheers!!!

Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @wafrica. Follow @wafrica to get a valuable upvote on your quality post!

Great work guys. Keep working harder.happy new week everyone.

Happy New month

Nice post congratulations @wafrica

I heard about @wafrica through @mcsamm. You guys are really doing a great job and keep working harder here. I am in too.