I love photographing my daughter my little Rebecca ..

in #wafrica4 years ago (edited)



I love photographing my daughter when she wakes up she is so beautiful .. that I do not get tired of looking at her she is a miracle that life gave me to come back to life my motivation and my strength to fight diapers are expensive milk is expensive here venezuela but thanks to steemit and my family I'm taking you ahead baby .


Aww she’s a lovely angel
She looks like a star

She’s truly beautiful and gracious
What a sleeping angel

I rejoice with you steemian
A gift from heavens high she is

I wish her joy and happiness
Knowledge divine as she grows

Awww she’s cute, so cute
Kisses on her forehead

The children are the angels that God sent us, I love you for your beautiful words for my daughter a hug from venezuela ..

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