Most awkward thing happen to me because of my clothes

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I was caught short while going commando (i.e. not wearing panties).


During a phase in life where I was desperate to lose weight, I started drinking lots of water. By a lot, I mean over 6 litres, and usually 8 litres a day. This meant that I had to pee a lot too, like 2 dozen times a day. Where I was living, the house had only one bathroom, and I had to share it with 6 other people.

Due to my hydration, my urine was usually as colourless and odourless as water. This made me feel bad when flushing the toilet, as I was sending clean-looking water into sewage plants, unnecessarily straining the environment. Compounded with the limited bathroom access, I wanted a better solution.

Soon, I accidentally discovered the answer to my bladder woes. One of my housemates was taking forever (maybe like 30 minutes, but for someone so hydrated, it was an eternity) in the sole bathroom, and my bladder was bursting. Eventually, the inevitable happened as my body gave in to the urge, and I looked down to see the stream from my crotch onto the floor. To my surprise, instead of a visible stream, the “water” (officially pee, but colourless and odourless) ran down both my legs, and carpet was thick enough that the puddles by either foot just felt like slightly damp spots.

So, as long as I stood on the carpet, nobody would know that I was watering the it. Given my situation, I had these “accidents” often, and with more experience, I got braver about it, making me more willing to repeat it whenever the bathroom wasn’t available.

The Story:

A month or two later, we had a party at this place. Now, with just one bathroom, even more people, and alcohol, the bathroom was constantly occupied. I was wearing a red dress, and going commando, because I had put all my panties in the laundry.

Anyways, I was not concerned about the bathroom dilemma, as I had my method of relief without relying on the toilet. I had already watered the carpet three times that night, but on the fourth time I heard somebody say “Oh my god, Anna*, don’t pee here!!!”. Shocked, I looked down, and saw something approximately like this:

It turned out my panties diverted the flow instead of letting it pass through, and going commando, it fell right down the middle onto a ground. Also, for some reason, my urine was not clear this time, instead being yellow.

I don’t know for certain if people noticed me pee the first three times, but that fourth time they sure did.

*Not my actual name, changed for privacy.


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