Dear life: Steemit has liberated my family.

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Will never forget this day especially in the life of my mom and family. Ever since I joined this amazing platform, life have moved from hopeless to hopeful all because of the amazing communities and friends on steemit. Regardless of the current downtrend in the crypto market, the steem blockchain keeps liberating and amazingly touching more lives.I recall those vibrant days when we promoted steemit like a full time business. It hard to say but the bearish nature of the market truly affected many. Even some claim steem is a bubble and its going down the drains but this is just the begining of greater heights to be achieved with the steem blockchain. The steem blockchain has liberated my family and will forever appreciate. I will forever be greatful to our amazing friends supporting us in hard times like these. Notably @leeuw, @surfyogi @ackza @wafrica for their continous support. When i was sick I recall how @leeuw financed my medical bills for better health care and kept on supporting me on regular basis @surfyogi also supported massively and most friends showed love with their continous words of edification and motivation. My entire family appreciate massively all the love showed to them. Mother is greatful to all amazing people here. I am sorry to anyone I have disappointed one way or the other.


That is a wonderful posting! Thanks. keep looking forward and work on your normal life, overcome the hardships one by one, step by step and don't ever get off the 'Steem Train' hahaha! Indeed @steemgh, there are those in the steem community who are determined to have you succeed, and succeed -so we say- you will! UPDATE: In fact, we wish all steemians to succeed and inhale the beautiful bubbles coming out of the Steem BlockChainTrain haha UPDATE2: oh that last sentence sounded a bit over the top hahaha!

Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! We encourage and support quality contents and projects from the West African region.
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I'm glad to see you are smiling and the dip can't take that away from you. What we have here is one big family. Cherish it.

Kind regards to you and the family steemgh

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