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You know that feeling of plenty waves crashing on each other in your mind/head, I'm having it now.
Sometimes, I'm almost asking myself why I didn't serve in Kaduna, where accommodation and living would be quite easy.
At some moments, some moments of tiredness, I almost begin to consider running back home. 😂 lol, I said 'almost'


At those moments, I close my eyes and I breathe and I remind myself that God's still in control. His ability and love for helping me is ever constant.

This evening, I looked for Ofe Akwu and I couldn't find oh, I had to settle for Eba (Garri as they call it here). The next food-mission has been set 😂.

Banga/Ofe Akwu
Lastly, I finally did it today oh, I opened a drink with my ring 💃. 😂

(These pictures are from Tuesday...)


Remembring me when am still in the rural community.

Its great when we tend to remember or have memories of great moments in the past @seunnla

Lovely piece @seunnla you have been chosen by @kofpato as one of the notable post, do check @wafrica for more info

Thank you so much

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