My Sneaky Boss: A Story About Office-Sexual-Harassment

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It's the third week since I started my internship (IT as we called it).
I was working in the Finance Department which doubled as the Statistics department. We always had a lot of typing and computing to do and I was already getting a hang of it.
I was on my way out for lunch when the door man saw me.

He said, the General Manager asked to see me.
The doorman, in fact, all of us called him 'GM'.
I went to the GM's office and the Secretary sent me in, immediately.

The GM was on a phone call, he gestured towards me to take a seat.

He looked at me and smiled nicely. He asked after my Aunt and my family.
He said he liked how resilient and strong I was.
He asked if I was wearing pants. I didn't answer.
He asked for the color. I asked what kind of question that was.
He asked me to open my legs for him to see.
I stood up to leave.
He called my name. I turned
He said I should sit back.
That he was just testing me to see if I was one of those girls.
He said it's good that I'm not.

The next week, the Finance Secretary gave me my Salary, it was more than double the regular IT-Salary of 14,000.

I asked if there was a mistake, she said shrugged and said if I had any complaints or clarification, that I should go see the GM. I went.

He didn't tell me to take a seat. He said there's was no mix-up, the salary was mine.
I said thanks.
He said would like to see me that weekend.
I didn't go.
I didn't pick his calls.
I was so angry.

I went to work on Monday.
I avoided him.
He texted me, I didn't reply.
On Friday, I went to HR to submit my resignation letter.
The HR said there was even a letter for me.
We exchanged the letters.
I opened mine

He had fired me!

PS: This story is a mix of fiction and reality. More of reality than fiction
I've uploaded this on my instagram and facebook too.

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