Let's Talk About Sex

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And!!! No, Don't go 'ewwwww'

It's Sex People!!!

Don't do 🤮.


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It's sex, if you've not done it yet, you will do it. In fact, I know you're anticipating it with joy.

There are so many misconceptions about sex and this is caused by the mystification and hiding around sex.
this is way worse in ConservatI've Countries in Africa, like Nigeria.
People need to be reeducated about sex and first, we have to demystify 'Sex'.
So, please, don't cringe.

Now, in this write-up, I'll focus on talking about

"What Sex is NOT"

And I'll do this by stating the common misconceptions
Let's begin

1. Sex is a gift that a woman gives to her man/husband

That's just nonsense talk, Iranu😡

Sex is an act usually between two humans of which both play an important role.
Sex is for both parties and not for men.
This misconception is the reason why you hear further misconceptions like,

a. Virginity is the best wedding gift a man can receive from his wife....

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"Tah! Shut Up, nonsense"
"What is the gift the woman receives? Or, in your mind, is it only women that have virginity?"
It's just silly talk
It's someone who doesn't have anything good to look up to, that will be thinking that someone's vagina's state of action is your gift
Personally, I don't even get the whole shit about wanting to OR not to marry Virgins.
Whether boy or girl.
I don't get it at all🤷🏾‍♀

How will you be looking at someone you like and the only thing you're thinking of is their 'privates'
Or, is it that, just the way I look at a guy and I'm checking his beards or wanting to know how he's not Yoruba or how his grammar is smooth,
Is it that you look at people and the next thing you're thinking is
"🤔hmm has this one had sex with someone or not?"
Or you're thinking
"How is this girl/boy's bumbum oh?"

(Whether you're Male or Female, your virginity is for you and your God. It's not for anyone else. If you're not having sex till marriage because of your religion then, Yeah! Abstain for your self and your God)
People don't 'give' virginity, it's not a gift.

The misconception in 1. also helped to instill the notion that

*b. Sex should be given know exchange for something (by women, to men in exchange for gifts, favors, or/and money)

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Many men expect that after giving a lady any of those things above, the lady is obligated to having sex with him. You'll even hear some say
"After all I've done for you, you cannot do be this small thing"
"After all I gave you, I still didn't sleep with you, you should even see how good I am"

Many ladies also feel this way, they feel men are obligated to give them gift or favors or money before/after they have sex with them. Or, if a guy gives them any of those 3 things, they would feel obligated to have sex with the guy.

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My answer to 1b is simple,

"The business or practice of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment is Prostitution."

Transactional Sex too denotes the same thing, the only slight difference being that, in Prostitution, it's all said out loud and in transactional sex, you pretend about it.
This cuts across all ends, all Genders.
People have got to learn to speak in truth than to hide about sex matters.

2. Sex is meant to pleasure the man

Some months ago, I read that
"If women could only get pregnant when they have orgasms, there's would be just about 8 people in the world"
😂 😂😂😂😂


😂 😂😂Yeah, it's a joke but you get the point.
Women, by a worldwide statistics, do not drive pleasure from sex as much as men do.
Many women never have orgasms in their life, which means that, the pleasure they ought to derive from sex is just not there for most of them...
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And the most alarming part is that many of these women pretend! to be sexually satisfied.

So, we must understand two things here
I. Most of the women don't get satisfied
II. Some of these women go all the way to even lie that they're satisfied.
Because people have been taught that sex is meant to please the man.
So, just like in the first misconception, men expect to have sex with women and they expect the women to please them and that's it.
Then women to believe their to go ask the way to please the man sexually and not to Joey about themselves.
Since women haven't been getting sexual pleasure over time, people started to see it as a big deal.
But, seeing it as a "Big Deal" didn't make the men to begin to sexually please the women just to please them. Instead, they began to do it to feed their ego. Hence, in their minds, they had done the great thing.

Sexually pleasing the woman who was sexually pleasing them now became a thing of Ego and Bragging. They would do stunts just toS e, _

And soon, because the women have been taught misconception 2. of pleasing the man, soon they began to pretend that they were pleased. They would pretend that they had reached orgasm simply because the man will be pleased with himself and his ego wouldn't be bruised .


Oh Yes! It's Unbelievable!!!

But that's what happens.

And it shouldn't be so.

----What Can Help

A Pastor once said, that it's true you ought to sexually please your partner and that a good way to do it is,
"The person initiating the sex must always make sure that at the end, the other person is sexually pleased."

In simple words,
"The end goal of the initiator should be to sexually please the initiatee'

Secondly, people must learn to be honest and ready to improve when it comes to sex with their partners.

If you didn't Orgasm, SAY IT.
If he's not doing something okay, TELL YOUR PARTNER what to do.

Both parties ought to enjoy sex, both!!!

With this, I've come to the end of my Sex-Talk for today.
Somebody shout Hallelujah 🙌🙌🙌
I'm sure you laughed and gawked along with me.
Do the world a favour and please, show this post to someone. 😉

😘😘Thanks for visiting my blog today, come again😘😘


Excellent writeup
Educative 😍😍😍

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