Why to make routine? But do not know!✌✌✌✌

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Why to make routine? But do not know!

  1. Routine saves us time:

The routine prevents us from wasting time. Not just in one way, routine in many ways saves us time. Every work needs to be done in the routine and how much time is needed for it. If we use the time allocated for each job, we can spend a lot of time.

Also, since every work has already been written in the routine, since a job we do not have to sit down to think that we have to do any work. As a result, the time of this thought survived.

The biggest thing is that almost all of the week's routine is matched with the previous week. And if you can make a routine in khetkhat, then do not waste much time to make the next.
.4. It can be time for yourself.
A little earlier said that the routine saved us time. From that time we can keep ourselves for some time.

Routine itself is a rule

Although we try to keep some time for ourselves, but if there is no routine then it can be seen that some time it is wasting in some way. As a result, we have to remain a little dissatisfied every day. But if we follow the routine we can keep it aside for ourselves as well.

  1. The practice of adhering to the rules is made:

At the time of the routine work we have given, we try to do that. Periodicity increases by working on time in this manner. Besides, the practice of adhering to the rules has increased.

Because, routine itself is a rule. The rules about how a person will run each day And so, if we work every day according to the routine, then we will have the habit of adhering to the rules. If you do not have a routine then this practice is not easily made

  1. Competence leads:

By using this, we can develop new habits or learn new things. For example, if you want to learn a new language and spend 40-50 minutes on a daily routine to learn the language, then following the routine, we can learn a lot of the new language.

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