Where is the peace, we fought for?... The whole story that led us into war are all lies!

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It is not enough to say we must put a stop to all the bloody conflicts happening everywhere in the globe, to achieve a peaceful co-existence, we must give up our prides and subject ourselves under higher law of life, which is "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF". We must concentrate not only on eradication of war, but focuse more on strategies to instill peace.

Everywhere in the city was decorated and prepared for a resounding welcome home of our fearless soldiers who has fought away from home for number of years, songs of victory breezing from air that comes out from the beautiful flowers.
Families were entertaining some measure of comfort from the assurance that, their belove father, husbands, friends, sons, uncles, and brothers are coming home, it was a memorable day as many who finally met their missed ones were leaping for joy while others who waited untill the last man on plane alighted dissolved in tears..

Those that met their people were uncontrollably happy, and those those that never meet theirs, were left in pains and forever agony.

Can a heart that is filled with pains and agony make a good citizen?.

The above question holds the answer, we have been searching for long, and that's....."What causes terrorism?".

When we lost everything that makes the world meaningful to us, we become a dynamite to the society, especially when the people who caused us pains are never concerned or unmoved about our predicament, it drives us more crazy, in such situation only few can set their mind on a meaningful course, or see a bright day beyond such condition, otherwise the pains and agony hatches a monster in them and they become unruly.

Are you still wondering why that boy decided to join the bad guys, try to go near to him and have a share of his pains/story, maybe you will reason with him.


The war that was won many years is causing unrest within us, now I ask. Where is the peace we fought for?

Many wars in history and in our comtemporally time are all fallacy, they never told us why they desparately needs us to engage in war, politicians has always been on the helm of affair, manipulating one group against others, and that's why it is easy for them forget the soldiers that fought the war, and the families of the deceased soldiers to suffer.

Let's put an end to this senseless war, and consider the future world, and make it a better place for our children and children's children.

We can achieve it, if we set our heart on it.


I am against war, what of you?


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