What is your gain, after all your power and bad-guy show up?..... Now you are broken at 45years!

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Occultism is a devilish and a waster of youthful energy, avoid it, because it only brings pains and suffering at old age, that is if you are not killed before then.

To be a cultist is like to desire a criminal, why should a responsible human pick such clique to belong?.

Make a good choice and live happily thereafter.
What have belonging to such evill association benefited those in it, if not shame and disgrace, bringing suffering to their parents and families....


You chose to join a clique gathering to have a place, battle back assaults and be a hard person and they disclosed to you that you're currently a man.

They influenced you to trust that smoking, drinking, assaulting and having numerous sexual accomplices makes you the incident person. Presently, you trust that looting,bullying and burglary is all good times.
You think dressing shabby,sagging pants, hanging enormous chains, demonstrating packs and tossing flares makes you appealing to the female people.
My guy, you pay levy week in, week out, lastly chose to drop out of school to completely hit the lanes. You battle close by your so call "brotherhood" against other religion gatherings to pick up strength over regions you can't explicitly and lawfully guarantee. ......My fellow, what will you make out of life at 60years of age? Is it about wedding another road and vision-less young lady who got pregnant for you after squat ting with you in a one room condo for quite a long time? Haven't you understood that you're augmenting the gooey cycle of neediness and numbness? .......My fellow, what will you tell those youngsters that are caught up with circling with filthy jeans when they develop?
After the entirety of your disappointed long stretches of being a hard person with no societal significant expertise to procure a conventional living, you'd simply agree to some mortifying work at your old and pitiable age in order to have the capacity to address closes issue. ........Have you overlooked that, that cash which is currently enough for you to run flexing even with your "siblings of fate" and that prostitute won't be sufficient for you, your purported spouse of whom you've not paid any lady of the hour cost for and those grievous offspring of yours? What will your inner voice disclose to you when you can't stand to offer those kids great instruction and sustenance? .......Will you likewise have the guts to tell your kids how hard and awful you were the point at which you were of their age as a counsel to those that will trail your way? .......To cut the entire sh
t up, WHAT IF YOU NEVER MAKE IT THAT FAR? Who knows? You may simply squander away in one of those clique wars. Or then amazing a pawn in the hands of some blame less and blood delectable legislators. .......I trusted I don't need to hurt individuals, drink, smoke and be a f*k kid to make road distinction. I cherish being me-principled and trained. That is my heritage. .......A enormous kid is a person whose back-stash is substantial with satisfied perspiration. .......A man is one who can confront obligations. .......What's your central goal and reason in life as a cultist? Haven't you learn enough? Those you ransack, spook, cheat and deceive are folks like you who accomplished what you proved unable. ......At the day's end, you'll either pass on or blur off for others to breath outside air since you appear to be a thistle in their substance........

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