What can separate you from lending a helping to humanity?..

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Floyd Collins once climbed into a sand cave in search of fortune.
Suddenly, his lantern failed, and as he was crawling through the darkness, his foot hit a seven-ton boulder. It fell on his leg, trapping him in the 125-feet deep ice-cold coffin-like narrow dark cave. In the maintime, his predicament turned into a public sensation. As the rescue attempt went on, some tourists spent time buying items from vendors at the cave. And in the end Floyd Collins died alone in the ice darkness after crying out deliriously, "Get me out, why don't you take me out? Kiss me bye, I'm going."

Have you been in a position to help somebody out of a life threatening situation and you choose to pay attention to somewhere else, don't turn away from someone that is in trouble. As a Christian, we should be our brother's keeper, the Bible records that love covers multitude of sin, and if we truly love, there is no way we can hold back from helping others, because that's where the fulfilment lays (in helping others).

Helping one another its a commandment from God, He knew its essence in our societies before directing us on that path.

Let's lend a helping hands to our world, to make it a better place.

Helping is the deed that opens a crack in someone's heart for you to creep in, and live forever.
It is also a powerful tool designed to hold us together.

Floyd Collins died alone in that ice cold cave, with people surrounding him, could we imagine what could have happened if people surrounding him, would have be focused on rescuing him, Floyd would have be a different person in today's history.

Be a reason why people will say, "I finally made it, with your help".

In a world void of help, people grow cruel and selfish, lovers of money and pleasures, having dead conscience, and dark motive, because of the absent of love.

Jesus went around and was doing good, helping the less privileges, feeding the hungers, and preaching the good news.....

This is our responsibility as a Christian! Let us not be conformed to the system of the world, but lets renew our minds through Gods word.

Lets lend a helping hands.


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