We are human beings. My response to vaccine testing in Africa

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Easter was Sunday and I wanted to start some new home activities but illness and bad power supply couldn't allow me do that.

As promised I was supposed to buy some items for distribution to the poor which I did. We bought 23 tubers for 12k Nigeria naira, was shocked how relatively cheap it was that I didn't think further when I got it from this lady standing in this picture below

Unfortunately I couldn't distribute the yams as promised, I am experiencing some difficulties currently as I have no camera 📸 plus I am currently down with a flu and cannot distribute the yams. As soon as am well again I will start the distribution. Thank you to @maxsieg and the lady that donated 5 more yams.

Please look at this pictures closely.

This is a monkey that looks like a human being but not a human being
It doesn't talk
It has hair over it's body
It doesn't walk like a human being
It behaves like humans but it's not human.

We want to be saved from this virus but I can tell you that some countries are suffering more than Africa. I never wanted to say anything about this but human beings are human beings and no matter what race or color have equal rights. Whoever thinks he or she is different and will never look at others the same is really a racist.

You were born white American not by your choice
You were born Asian not by your choice
You were born Indian not by your choice
You were born African not by your choice

Learn to have a little respect if not for anything but for the fact that these people breath same air.


Celebrate the gift of life today with me and while you celebrate try to make me celebrate more in future😊 put a smile on someone's face even if it's not me.

If you feel the need to make someone happy please do and make them happy during this period and save them from depression and torment. There's a virus called hunger virus and until you experience this you will never appreciate what you have. The quest to survive brings people to places like this and sometimes due to thier un-productiveness it becomes hard for us to really achieve something.

Thank you for your support thus far❤️

@rightwing670 (for your unending show of love)
@atma.love (1000 delegation)
@maxsieg (thank you for donating 57HBD for items to be bought and shared to the poor. Post incoming)
If you don't feel comfortable with the mention kindly indicate.

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Lovely, more grace to you and your friends that contributed

Thank you massively

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Oh dear, I hope you are getting better now. I wish I can connect with you outside of Steemit. Seriously

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