Lapel roses

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Lapel roses are traced back to 2000 B.C.
Flowers have been used to symbolize celebration as well as for aesthetics and decoration.The flowers were used by the AZTECS to show their commitment during warfare and the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS emulated the act.
The flowers were scented then to disguise body odour and the antiseptic properties helped to prevent certain diseases.
The flowers were superstitously believed to protect the warriors from evil.

Years later

Men’s jacket styles have continued to transform through the centuries, with folded lapels now the norm. This provides the perfect display area for lapel flowers and pins, adding an air sophistication and flair.
The story goes that when Prince Albert and Queen Victoria first married photography wa still in its infancy. Their wedding photos were taken a year after the marriage, whereupon she presented him with flowers as a token of her lov Being quite the gentleman, Prince Albert cut a hole in the lapel of his dress coat and inserted the flower,and this was the rebirth of the lapel fashion.

Few weeks ago,I learnt how to make lapel roses.
I decided to use something different from the regular lapel roses in the market.
Being African and a lover of the Nigerian traditional attire (ankara),I decided to make lapel roses with them.
They are unique and can make you stand out for occasions.
The best part of the concept is that ankara lapel roses can be made for both males and females.
Any colour,style or size is available.
I'm proudly West African
I'm proudly Nigerian
I'm proudly @marvettsy

I can make anything you desire with ankara


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