Ulog #14 | Time to be a MAN - Road to the proposal

in wafrica •  last year  (edited)

It has been a difficult road so far, but I think it was worth everything, and even more, I think it will be worth it in the future.
Samsung S2
It's time to be a MAN. Man with serious proposals. Man of the word ... Family man ... The man of his life.
The moment is indicated.
We have different customs and tastes, but the one we share unites us a lot.
It is not the physical or the history of both, it is the present and what we want for the future: To be guided and let use by God.
The "... Therefore I went and preached to all the nations ..." that we were entrusted, to make them together, is what we dream. So, why wait longer?

I send special regards to the friends of @ulogs, @surpassinggoogle and @wafrica
#Wafrica #Ulog #Surpassinggoogle

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Thanks @nissam
Nice of you part!

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