Precepts Upon Precepts

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Abraham at 75yrs was still squatting. Until you receive instruction and follow through, you will still remain in the valley still squatting.

You need an instructor to move you forward.

You can compete with what i say, u can never compete with experience.

Your training determines who you will be.

Don't bring excuses; Fight excuses.

If You were born without any spoon, change it to a golden spoon.

You have a choice. Nobody can force anything on you. For You are not a dumping ground.Know what you want.

As an apprentice, you can never learn everything.
_The secret of learning things is in service_. When you serve, you learn things.
Elisha did not ask give Elijah the anointing until he was ready to go.

Life will not give you what you want, it will only give you what you take.
Ask your life coach questions in order to get a short cut to your destination.

For you to grow, you must first comedown. Don't give up.
Crying has never changed anything.

To make money is your birthright. Begin to call it forth. What you don't desire, you can't get.

Some of us the devil is not our problem
The reason why we lack is our non-chalantness

Many times we waste our time casting out devils.

Poverty is in d mind/Its in the attitude.

People don't believe in what they can get with their hands, it what they can get from people.
Opportunity came and most people abuse opportunity.

You can only fool somebody once.
No matter what you give to some people, they will never be rich.
What you don't picture, you can feature.
As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.
Poverty is in the mind

No man is born poor.
A man's attitude is the roadblock of his destiny.

Allow God to be ur Shepherd: all things are possible as a covenated child .
Above everything i desire for you is your prosperity and health says thr apostle Paul.

Poverty has closed d mouth of many people.

Elijah was able to pass wisdom to Elisha but Elisha was not able to pass wisdom to Gahazi: Attitude Problem.

If you don't suffer, u can't be sufficient

Most parents even go as far as buying laptop for their children so that they can participate in cyber crime. This is a serious problem.

Spiritual work can't bring brain, its only discipline that can bring brain (intelligence).

What picture do you see in your mind?
Deprive yourself of enjoyment today for the sake of tomorrow.
You can't get a boxing belt in the supermarket. You get in the ring by receiving punches: pay the price.

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