The beauty of the universe

in #wafrica6 years ago

This pictures were taken two(2) days ago on the night of the Blood moon. We all look our best when the universe shows us its own style of beauty.
The Blood moon wasn't visible throughout the country but those who got to see it saw a marvelous and heart warming sight. The remaining part of the country experienced cloud cover but pictures were sheared among friends so all could see the beauty of the universe. This isn't an event that takes place everyday but when it crosses our path we cherish and enjoy the warming feeling of confort and peace.
Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and among the top ten in the world. Despite the wide range between the elite class and the poor the universe has its was of conforting all.
The sight was for all no matter the background everyone could see it. That's why when rain falls it doesn't ignore the wicked and water the righteous but all gets the rain.
We would keep striving in my country Nigeria because even after death theirs hope.


Great photo, love the background

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