This things childern don't learn in class

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1.) Human anatomy (Sex stuff)
Unfortunately a lot of kids end up learning about human anatomy (specifically boys learning about female anatomy) through, let’s just say inappropriate means. Even if public education does teach this kind of stuff, they can’t really time it right to get on it before middle schoolers learn about porn.

2.) Business & Finance
It’s by far one of the most important topics that a student may need in life, and they aren’t really ever directly taught the subject. Public schools often require students to learn the full roundabout (Science, History, Social studies, Math, foreign language, etc.) in order to both give them all around education and help them figure out what their role in life should be. If you’re good at sciences, you have a list of jobs, math? Plenty of opportunity. However, strangely business mathematics aren’t ever really taught in school. What a mortgage is, how taxes work, how to apply for a job, how to find a career, how to manage money after high school, etc. These are all critical bits of information that when taught well, create an adult that’s responsible with their money and can manage themselves well. I don’t know why we thought that history, a dead industry, is more important than educating students on how to survive in a capitalist world.

3.) Law

This one is a little less vital, but still something that I feel is important to making sure adults are fairly well educated in life outside of high school. Law would be a good subject to incorporate as a 1-semester high school course. Educating students on how the constitution is interpreted to helping them learn about legal disputes that they may face in life. Maybe even encouraging more people to try being lawyers.

That’s all I can really think about at the moment, hope this was helpful!


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In my country, law is being taught in form of social studies or civic education. Your observation is correct about human anatomy. Sex stuff is being taught in the wrong way. God help us. Our children are learning these stuffs themselves.

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