This is secret of BlackHole

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Now this is one of the most interesting image that I came across facebook today. Although you would rarely find a logical post in this very popular social media platform (fb) of ours.
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From our childhood we have been hearing this line, “Time and Tide waits for none”, so one should never waste time as time stops for nobody.

The lower image is that of a Black Hole and that's where we, stick our eyes on the words “Bitch Please”, as if it’s the Black Hole shouting out, for time eventually stops in a black hole and this above mentioned quote becomes meaningless.

Lets dive into the scientific depths. According to Einstein's theory, the flow of time slows down as one gets closer and closer to a black hole and time eventually stops at the “singularity”, i.e. the center of a black hole. Therefore for a person inside, time relatively stops, than for the person outside the black hole. This happens because of the infinite curvature of space and time, resulting due this ultra massive structure.

So next time you hear this quote do remember, either make use of each and every second of the precious time you have in your hand or just find a black hole (btw the closet one is V616 Monocerotis) and rest you can very well imagine !!

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