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I suppose myself. Everyone has a price. Some, it's alot, others it's not a lot. I've had men pay me to do strange things. One man wanted lick my vagina while I urinated all over his face and he guzzle my urine. He loved it. Our whole lives we train our bodies to only pee in designated facilities such as toilets, so it was very difficult to convince my body to pee on him, so it came out with such force it splattered everywhere. That cost him 2000 American dollars.

Another time, I had a man that would strip nude wearing only a shower curtain, that was brand new in a sealed package prior. He would ask me questions and expected my answers to be licked onto the shower curtain. For example, what is my favorite color? Purple no longer was as it was much longer word than red, so I licked the letters red, onto the shower curtain as he wore it. That cost him $200 American dollars.

I've also sold a book about a band groupie that had gained much notoriety, got $200.

I was once tipped 2000 during one song while I danced semi naked on stage, it was all in 20s and I swam in the cash on stage. Made 3700 that shift total. But then on another occasion I made $7 during an entire shift. Slow day.

I sold these pictures of myself to 3 different gentleman magazines. I was paid $300 per magazine, but toured the Midwest and sold autographed copies and made over $30,000.


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