I almost got fired from my work!! What happened next would blow your mind

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After trekking round the city of Sapele Delta state, my younger sister told me to apply at lima for any available post. I was happy at first seeing lima was a baby shop and was well set unlike the regular baby shops around. I took my application letter with my sister, so fortunately we met her she was in a good mood.
After two weeks of interview I
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finally started working. My first day of work was filled with stress, new goods just arrived and i had to sort them out. My madam, aka Mama Lima told me that the entire first floor was under my care, I should attend to customers give them prices and that was all she ever said.
I took care of the store like my own, sorted, arranged, rearranged and cleaned. I did my very best but I wasn't valued . I did things I wasn't asked to, even assisted the sales representatives downstairs when their hands were not enough and customers were more. I was never reprimanded for doing anything wrong except changes in prices due to the corona outbreak.
My entire good was not appreciated with a thank you but was appreciated with a reponse from my boss to sack me because I wasn't in work for 1day. On a norms, my day off was supposed to be every Wednesday of the month, but my boss said she wasn't ok with that i should interchanged with Sunday. Having done two weeks of Wednesday off, my boss told me to do the remaining two weeks for sunday and that the upcoming month i should alternate it, taking one Wednesday and one Sunday.
All fine and good I accepted. On the 3rd of June being the first Wednesday of the month I didn't come to work based on our previous agreement. On reaching work the next day my boss asked the security man to throw me out. If not for the intervention of her mother it would look as if i did a sinful thing. I was asked to call her before stepping in, and she asked me not to use my phone at work so I didn't take it with me. I asked to use the managers phone to call her. Her mother resisted at first but later gave in. Calling her she said why would I use someone else phone to call her, she tagged it disrespectful.
All the while I was just calm. After sitting for 6 hours for her arrival, she blamed that I didn't consider calling her before going on my day off(which i don't normally do) .After explaining and trying to recall to her memory our agreement she came to realise I wasn't at fault.
I apologized and went back to work.
When my date was due for salary of the previous month, I sent her a text reminding her to pay my salary, (in my mind "so she can remember the day I did not come to work but can not remember my salary until I remind her" for this happens every time, if I don't remind her she won't know she has not paid me).After receiving my salary I told her I had to resign .I left her company, because of these reasons ;
Delayed Salary
No appreciation
No consideration for the other person
No appraisal
No query letter before wanting to fire the person

Thats my tale!!
Working for yourself always pay better
Respect and appreciate people who put their whole energy into your business even if its just a thank you
Consider people's feelings and know they have their life outside your business.


I'm really sorry for this firing !

Thanks sir
It wasn't a total loss
I had gotten the experience i was looking for

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