Is MONEY truly the root of all evil?? COME IN!

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Poor and middle-class people believe that money is bad, they believe that money is the root of all evils.
While rich people see money as a tool, as something useful. The Bible never said money is the root of all evil, it said, the LOVE of money-(which figuratively means covetousness)

And the simplest way to explain this is:
What happens if you leave a wad of hidden notes somewhere in your house, where no one knows where it is?
What does that money do?

Could it be that the money runs away and hurts someone? Could it be that at some point something bad happens because of that money?

Nothing just happens.

That money will be there and it will not do anything. Money is not the cause of anything, we are the cause of many things .

The way we do things, what we think about it, the decisions we make, etc.

So money is not bad ... Some people are bad, and with mone,y they are worse .

What money does is enhance your character. It gives you more ability to express yourself as you are.

So, if a person who got money turned bad, it's because he was already bad .

If he became arrogant, it's because he was already arrogant.

And even if she became more generous, it's because she was already generous.
So money amplifies what we already are, and rich people know it.

CONCLUSION: Money is not the root of all evil, never will!!

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It depends, if money is the result of one's good deeds then it's not in anyway the root of all evil, but if it the result of one's greed that I would say definitely.

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Yes roof of all evil.

Money in itself didnt cause that. The character of the person did.

Yeah true I 100% agree.

I have an issue with your

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