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This is the sixth and the last article of faith in Islam. It is the belief that whatever comes to man has been pre-destined by God. It is a very controversial topic because some people do not believe in it. But Hadith says: that during the process of child formation in womb, Angel is sent to breath life into the foetus and write down four things:

these are:

Span of life i.e how long or short he would live. His work i.e wether good or His wealth- whether he would be rich or poor Whether he would be among the happy ones or wretched ones on the day of judgment.

This shows that everything has been pre-destined. But this does not influence man's action. Because His does not create any one to become thief or robber or murderer in his/her life.

He created us for good not for bad and that is why He gives words of guidance to us through the messengers and His revealed books, which guide us to choose the right or the wrong path and the one chosen makes one to be what he/she is. Whatever befalls any one may be:"

~ Through God's guidance a person may change from baf deeds to good deed

~ through the handwork of Satan he may change from his good deeds to the bad deed before he dies.

Quran Chapter 53 verses 40-42 says: "And that man will have nothing but what he strives for and that his striving shall soon be seen: then he will be rewarded for it with the fullest reward"- Holy Quran

We all created for purposes in life. Your destiny shall prevail no matter how.




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