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Hello beautiful people,

@wafrica sailed this weekend and it was a big deal for many of us involved. Users who post with the #wafrica tag stand a chance of winning a token everyday.

Do not complain about not earning after all the hard work you put in a post.

Watch the video to learn about the requirements to be considered to become winner of the day / week.

Have a lovely day ahead.

Make sure you follow the @wafrica account.

Much love!



Alright dear, thanks for the info. #wafrica we grow

Yes this is really good post

The beginning of exciting times. Looking forward to this curated content.
A lot of quality coming out of Nigeria and Ghana. I'm looking forward to seeing some good stuff from other countries like Senegal and Mali too.

peace and love.

Yeah Baby!!!

I love this video,thanks for sharing this. I will now use #wafrica for my post,am overwhelmed at this

Great!!!!! Welcome to the community.

Down in my heart, it is a thing of joy that this plat form is gradually bringing the unity of @wafrica again. i believe in future, it will lead us lessening poverty in our respective country. Thank you @wafrica

great thanks for your concern

Things are much better with @wafrica around. A big thanks to those that came up with this project.

Extraordinary post friend congratulations

Baby girl this your shirt is nice o... It was the shirt i was just looking at the whole video lol. #wafrica us here to stay.
@dee-y over and out.


The Beautiful Chiama


Thank you for your kind words sir

I saw this post because you resteemed it, thank you.

wafrica all the way from now

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