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**|The Soccer Religion|**

After carefully considering and making due research about football (Soccer), the manner in which it operates, i have no reservation than to declare it a RELIGION.

Religion i said?.. Yes, its a religion on its own just like the Christian, Islamic and other religions in the world, soccer can also be described as one.

Now let start with the definition of religion, according to an online English dictionary, a religion is defined as

"Any practice to which someone or some group is seriously devoted".

Now the word "someone" or "some group" could be seen here to mean "The Fans" or "a fan" and you know that fans globally are devoted to either their country football team or the club football teams and some times both of them.

As other religious bodies or group preach Love, Unity, brother hood, togetherness, helping each other, being your neighbors keeper, so does football too. We have seen on many occasions that soccer frowns at racism, abuse, disunity, hatred and other forms of social ills as religion will do.

You see you will also agree with me that as other religions have there doctrines, rules, rites and orders such is the case in football too.
Some religion have their meeting days, prayer days, worship days, this could be linked to having training days in soccer, fitness training, stamina training too. Like the Christians have their churches, Muslims have their mosques and the traditional religions have the shrine as their worship centers, so does football have the stadium or a field as their own worship centres too.

But trust me, did you know that the game of soccer as brought more unity than some other religion. Have you ever wondered why you will visit a stadium or viewing centres to watch a football match only to see yourself celebrating, hugging, laughing, interacting and sharing views from a total stranger you just met, without feeling any need for precaution and cautions, this only happen is soccer.

Each soccer team or club team, has its own national or club anthem which are usually sang before the start of any games, not only do they have anthems they do have have songs composed by fans as a way to show support to them and lift the spirit of the players in a particular game. Just as religion requires zeal, dedication, commitment and a lot of practice and training so does soccer, in fact soccer has more of physical and mental training as well as character molding.

As religions have their heads who come together to determine so many factors such as what is to be upheld, rules, rites, orders of service, so does a football team have a coach or a manger that oversee the daily runnings and activities of the football team.

Their are virtually thousands of scouts around the world of soccer who goes about linking different players of different sizes, colours, tribes and region to different clubs to play for in harmony. This could be linked to having evangelism where other religions tend to sel the view of their own religion in other to get members to their own side, we see this everyday right?

In terms of celebrations like the festive seasons, soccer as a game celebrates the beginning end of a football season and well as observes brake where necessary.

It is also no longer a rumour that soccer has "a god" which fans and many football lovers pray to for victories and other request, i heard the name of that god is termed "the god of soccer" many fans believe and pray to this unseen and an unknown god to either help them deliver victory in a competition or help them in one or two requests as it may concern them.

With this little posit, we all can either agree that soccer is a religion or disagree that its not a religion, but until that, you are to give me good reasons constructively to "support" this post or a good reason to constructively "oppose" it.

Either way do not attack the messenger, kindly attack the message itself.

It is still your one and only @bosscharlze on this platform.

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Thanks for reading, people like u make me write !
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