SICK DAY — Steemit


in wafrica •  8 months ago


I have been really down since yesterday. I really wanted to give up on coming to work today but I eventually changed my mind and came. Am not really sure what I am coming down with but I think the change in weather conditions hasn't been very favorable with my system.

I am hardly ever this down. I come down with one or two things in the course of the year but I hardly ever feel this way. I have taken medication and it just didn't yield any effect. I hope I begin to feel better soon so that I can be super productive and achieve the things I have planned out for this week.

I wanted to take a picture but I was unable to transfer the picture to my computer and upload it here. Please bear with me and pray for my fast healing.

Meanwhile I am a month plus on steemit already. I can't even believe it myself. it has been such a journey and I know very soon I will begin to enjoy the rewards.


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