Foods as medicine: Fruits and vegetables that makes you healthy

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From the time immemorial, plants, vegetables and fruits has been serving as both foods and medicine for the ancients men. Unfortunately modern medicine has made us forget about the important wonderful health benefits we can derived from consuming some certain fruits and vegetables. Below are seven out of the many fruits and vegetables that have greater health benefits to man and also serve as both foods and medicine.

Bananas are richly packed with potassium and are consider a medicinal food. It possesses ability to stimulate energy and help to alkalize the blood and get rid of excessive uric acid. Bananas have also been discovered to work perfectly in treating arthritis and maintaining healthy heart. Two bananas give about 1000 mgs of potassium.

Blueberries are multifunctional fruits with great antioxidant properties. They serve as blood purifier, improve blood circulation, perfect to treat anemia, obesity, constipation poor complexion, aid cancer prevention and improve eye vision.
Cucumbers are good for cooling e body temperature, control weight gain, good for skin eruption, constipation, fever, heart health. Cucumbers are rich in silica and alkalizing minerals that are beneficial to the body system.

Cabbage is a perfect healing food high in calcium and potassium which make it good for the heart. The juice presence in cabbage is a natural remedy for reducing colon and stomach cancer. Aside this, cabbage consumption has also been discovered to be good in helping to reduce blood pressure.

Carrot is better known for its Vitamin A and beta carotene properties and it is widely acclaimed to be good for the eye vision. It is important to know that carrot does more than just promoting the eye vision. Carrot helps to improve the blood circulation, strengthen the liver and its juice extract is an active skin beauty therapy.

Collard Greens
Collard Greens are excellently rich in calcium which gives it the power to promote good bone health. Collard is fully packed with a strong antioxidant which makes it good for cancer control. Collard is also good for treating condition like liver problem and weight control.

Chili Pepper
Chili pepper is a spice that has been around for hundreds of years. Though it is notorious for its hot taste but its health usefulness and benefits is top notch. It is ideal in preventing bronchitis , promote free blood movement by dissolving blood clots, serves as decongestant by breaking up mucus and clearing the air passage.

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