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#waferfriday - Coconut Domaćica

in waferfriday •  3 months ago

Due to the popular demand, we have coconut boosted cookies today to celebrate the #waferfriday. @amazingwoman, enjoy it :)

These Domaćica cookies were the only wafers or wafer-alikes with added coconut available when I shopped for today.

Unpacking ...

Unpacked ...

Join me next week for another episode of #waferfriday.

Until then, have a quick Friday and a great weekend.

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Thanks a lot, @ervin-lemark. I suppose the box with cookies is coming by regular post mail. :-)


:) Aren't we living in a virtually virtual world now and all we really have are virtual goods? Cookies included. You can get them by email :)

I like wafer, biscuits and chocolate cookies 🍫🍪😋😊

Greetings @ervin-lemark

Looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experience with all.