Wacoinda vs Marvel?

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According to Black Enterprise Wacoinda is the fastest growing black economic group on Facebook. https://bit.ly/2wHwGVv

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Wacoinda is a global community of over 33,000 persons who share an interest in eradicating economic injustice and creating an environment to encourage economic empowerment through love, patience, and collaboration.

The founders of this community are Lamar Wilson and Lafe Taylor, along with a small group of black people who were interested in learning about cryptocurrencies, the underlying blockchain technology, and the opportunities this new technology presented to build wealth.

We started in January 2018 and was originally called the Black Coin Group. However, one day, a member threw out the term Wacoinda as a name for the group which was based on the hype surrounding Wakanda, the mythical country in the movie Black Panther. Wacoinda found approval with some other members, a poll was done and Wacoinda won.

It was noted that soon after there were other Facebook groups popping up with the name Wacoinda. In order to protect the Wacoinda group’s mission, it was decided to trademark the Wacoinda name. This was done on 27th February 2018.

The Issue

On the 7th August 2018, Marvel filed for an extension to decide if they wanted to oppose the name of Wacoinda. Let me say here that the application for the extension does not necessarily mean that the trademark will be opposed.

You are probably thinking that Wacoinda sounds a little like Wakanda, that magical place where the Black Panther is from and may agree that Marvel has a right to ask for more time to consider whether or not they believe that there is a likelihood of confusion in the minds of the people who may come to our group.

The Argument for Wacoinda

In the application for the trademark, the founders selected the classes of education and finance for Wacoinda. This is in contrast to the primary class that Marvel chose for Wakanda, which is toys and games. If you want to learn more of the legal perspective regarding trademark law, please check out this article by Israel Ace Burns. https://bit.ly/2Q59rO7

As a member of this group who has been there almost from the inception, I have witnessed how Wacoinda has lived up to its purpose. The community has been an amazing source of education about business and finance, and opportunities for growing wealth.

We practice what we preach. The group has formed a cooperative called the One Love Coop for members to practice and benefit from group economics. https://bit.ly/2MJlOkT

Because we are rooted in cryptocurrency and the blockchain, Lamar Wilson, created a cryptocurrency for the group to teach Wacoindans how to use wallets. The larger denomination of currency is called the CJ and the smallest unit a Garvey. For the inexperienced, using a wallet for the first time to transfer your tokens/coins is a very daunting process. The fear of making a mistake prevents many people from moving their cryptocurrency from the exchange to a secure wallet that they own. The Fa’Eva Wallet has simplified this task, making it easy to send and receive tokens.

Wacoinda is about education. We started a book club. The first book we read was The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. When you join the group ask about how to get your free copy. The next book on the list is Powernomics by Dr. Claude Anderson. Borrow or buy a copy and join us.

Wacoinda is about opportunities. One of the many investment opportunities we were introduced to was the option to invest in Black Momma Tea & Cafe at the pre-IPO stage. The owner, the incomparable Mrs. Vanessa Braxton, is also a Wacoindan.

There is so much more, but I’ve been long enough. If what I said has resonated with you, please join us. Get your Fa’Eva Wallet and become an official Wacoindan. You will need two referral codes, mine is https://wallet.wacoinda.com/#/login?referralCode=2e080. To get the next code for your wallet, join the group on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/wacoinda/, introduce yourself and ask for the second code. Don’t be shy about asking for some Garveys, we will ‘hook you up’.

Wacoinda is a community of like-minded people who are interested in freedom from the current unjust and oppressive economic system. If you’ve taken the time to read to the end, I trust that you will agree that there is no way any reasonable thinking person will think we are about toys and games.

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