WABA.network has started its 2018 Euro-Tour to meet with investors and communities from all over Europe

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Having started in May and during June, the Argentinian EOS blockchain company will be attending conferences and meetups in fourteen different cities to present the guidelines of its project and share the roadmap for its upcoming TGE.

WABA.network is an open platform that allows the creation of community-driven economic hubs, each one including its own complementary currency, marketplace and economic and decision-making systems. The platform allows the members of those communities to choose from a wide array of pre-designed systems or to create new ones, specially customized to fit their goals. Its easy-to-use interface enables anyone to quickly design, test, iterate and scale-up these structures to adapt them to the new challenges the communities might face, all without needing any knowledge on economics or programming.

By using these systems WABA.network is able to apply the EOS 3º Generation blockchain technology to the concept of complementary currencies, allowing communities to address different economic, social and environmental goals. A complementary currency is a medium of exchange with no legal tender status which is accepted within a community as a complement to conventional money. They allow them to solve liquidity issues, boost key economic activities or decentralize the control of credit, helping them protect and deepen their economic and social ties regardless of the state of the external economy. As they are designed by the communities, these currencies can also be used to create systems that align individual incentives towards a wide variety of commons goals, ranging from promoting recycling to fostering fair trade circuits (as clearly shown by WABA.network’s cases of success: Moneda Par, Discoin and JellyCoin).

Starting in Germany, the company's CEOs Sebastián Valdecantos and Marina Solanas have recently taken part in Blockshow and hosted a private Meetup in Berlin, before speaking at the Unchain Conference in Hamburg.

“We are delighted to have been invited to present our project in a series of countries where so many great blockchain initiatives are being developed. The European ecosystem is among the leading blockchain hubs in the world, so we are really thrilled about the chance to learn from its members’ experiences and explore cooperation opportunities with them”, said Valdecantos.

The rest of the Euro-Tour’s itinerary includes the following cities, events and communities: 

Utrecht - for a private Meetup on June 4. Amsterdam, for another private Meetup on June 4 and a Meetup with the Wasted Community Alliance on June 5, in the Netherlands. 

London, England - for the Bisshow conference from June 6 to June 7.

Milan, for a series of meetings with the Bank of the Commons community from June 6 to June 10. 

Sardinia, Italy for a Meetup with the Sardex community from June 20 to June 21. And Turin, for a Meetup with the IT For Social Good community from June 30 to July 1, in Italy. 

Dublin in Ireland, for the Money Conf from June 11 to June 13.

Barcelona (for a Seminar at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya on June 18.

Madrid, for a private Meetup on June 21. León, for the Non Central Conf from June 23 to June 24, and Valencia for a Municipal Work Session from June 25 to June 26, in Spain.

In Paris, France for a Meetup with Startup Token on June 28. 

In addition, the company’s team plans to celebrate several meetings with the EOS BPs and the Bitshares communities, which will probably be held in Switzerland.

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