The vz58 rifle

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The vz58 rifle is one of Canada's favorites for a number of reasons, im going to list a few of the reasons Canadians love this rifle so much and why it is held with such regard and admiration. So to start canada has 4 classifications of firearms, 1 being non restricted, 2 is restricted and 3 is prohibited, and the fourth would be antique. Depending on the barrel length of the vz58 it can fall into 2 of the 4 categories. 1 it can be non restricted as long as the barrel lenght is greater that 18.5 inches the second classification would be restricted and that would pertain to any vz58 rifle with a barrel length less than 18.5 inches. The only prohibited vz58's in canada are thoes that came into the country with a select fire option and had been grandfathered before legislation changed, these firearm can be owned by few and are very rarely shot. Another vz58 that has been placed on the prohibited list is a Canadian market designed rifle that sports a spartan helmet engraved on the bolt carrier and the words molon labe engraved on the side of the reciver. The concensus in the firearms community is that the rcmp didnt care much for the fraze Molon lab translated to english means come and take, so take they did, those rifles had there reciver destroyed and the remaining parts of the fireams were dismantled and sold as parts kits. Getting back to the vz58 rifle and why canada loves it so much. In canada ak47 action rifles are prohibited and therefore we cant own them with one exception, the Finish valmet series of rifles, but thats for another article. The vz58 on the other hand is very abundant in canada and is love for its ak type styling, we also love this rifle because of its ease to maintain.The rifle is a short stroke gas piston operated striker fired rifle that fires a 7.62x39 mm or the 5.56x45 nato round they're a pleasure to shoot and easy to care for. The vz58 has about 6 moving parts so there isnt much that can go wrong with the rifle, it is quite bit more acurate than most ak patern rifles and about 2 LBS lighter than a standard ak or akm. So in my opinion if you're a Canadian and you're looking for a semi auto rifle that wont break the bank to hard and that gibe you a few different caliber options to choose from this might just be a rifle you need in your inventory.

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