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It is important to be up to date on the VPN services out there, so recently I made a subscription to VyprVPN. Here you can find my honest VyprVPN review containing information about the VPN client, download speeds, prices and more.

I am writing this review based on my own personal experience, and during my testing time I connected to all possible servers currently located in the VyprVPN list of servers, so I must admit that I believe this to be an honest review. So, what was my first expression when subscribing to and downloading the VyprVPN client?

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VyprVPN - First impression

When I first visited the site I noticed that they had different subscription opportunities; VyprBasic, VyprPRO and VyprVPN Premier. I quickly understood the differences and decided to go for the Basic subscription. The main difference between the three packages is how high level of encryption/security you need, and if you will be using the account all by yourself, or share it with someone else. Since I need the VPN to get IP addresses in other nations, and not to do any illegal activities, nor do any online activity I am in great need of hiding (mostly I want to watch TV channels in other nations), and that was the reason why I chose the Basic package. If you want higher security and encryption level, go for the VyprPRO package and use the OpenVPN protocol.

The website is easy to understand and to use, so no hardship finding the information you look for and subscribing to the package you are in need of.

VyprVPN - The client

The client which can be downloaded freely after making a subscription is easy to use. Just add your username and password, and you will be able to connect to any of the servers found in the VyprVPN register. It is very easy and works well. In addition, VyprVPN does not have any limitations on the number of times you change server, which makes it easy to change between servers in the same and different nations.

VyprVPN - Download speeds

When I first tried to test the download speeds using VyprVPN I got lousy speeds. It felt strange, so I did a speed test and found that there were no problems with VyprVPN, but with my Internet connection! I got 3Mbps download speed before connecting to the VPN server, so no wonder my download speeds using VyprVPN did not get any better. I, therefore, tested again later when my download speed (before connecting to a VyprVPN server) was 30Mbps and then I tried again. Here are some of the download speeds I got.

Brussels: 10mbps
Amsterdam: 21Mbps
London: 26Mbps
Copenhagen: 22Mbps
Helsinki: 25Mbps
Bucharest: 26Mbps
Dublin: 4Mbps
Frankfurt: 28Mbps
Hong Kong: 15Mbps
Lisbon: 30Mbps
Luxembourg: 6Mbps
Madrid: 26Mbps
Moscow: 30Mbps
Oslo: 30Mbps
Paris: 30Mbps
Czech: 10Mbps
Rome: 30Mbps
Stockholm: 13Mbps
Toronto: 2,5Mbps
Vienna: 5Mbps
Vilnius: 4Mbps
Warsaw: 7,3Mbps
Zurich: 8Mbps

Since I write this review from Central Europe one must not forget that connecting to a server in Canada normally give a quite sloppy download speed, due to the actual distance between me and the VPN server I connect to.

Can VyprVPN be recommended?

If you have read the entire VyprVPN review you probably know the answer before I write my answer here. However, I will write it anyway, and the answer is yes! The VPN services provided by VyprVPN do have great download speeds (in 90% of the cases) and everything works fine with the service. So, if you are in need of a VPN service, VyprVPN is a safe bet. They do have a seven-day money back guarantee, in case you should not be satisfied with the product they deliver.

If you want to test it for yourself, visit their website!

If you have tried VyprVPN, share your thoughts and write a comment!

This article might be out of date. For a 100% up-to-date VyprVPN review, visit the IP Address Guide.

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