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Almost 3.1 billion people could not afford a healthy diet in 2020, up 112 million from 2019, reflecting the effects of inflation in consumer food prices stemming from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures put in place to contain it. Climate Lockdown in 2023? The plan is as soon as possible. Most likely after the 2022 elections which means 2023. But they have to make sure not too many freedom lovers win in the elections. So they have to super rig and cheat and everything ten times harder than 2020. But regardless, they will always try to put the world back into lockdowns and everything else too.

Lock Step was mentioned on page 18 of the Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development report which was published by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network (GBN) in May of 2010. I expect to have over 1,000 subscribers (I got 202 right now) and 4,000 public watch hours (I got 311 hours right now) by 2024. That is my current goal. I do not expect to grow faster than that. Unless if a lot of people genuinely liked me or whatever. But it is hard to say. I do expect to continue to grow a little each day as that has been the pattern. I don't see why things would magically change out of blue.




Washington Laws

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AI robot website made this drawing of me for me.

Oatmeal Daily - 2022-08-30 - Tuesday | Published in August of 2022







In a world of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Blooper video, Resident Alien 211



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02:04 AM - Discord
Ironic Brony on Memes World's Discord is attack me. He said where is my source. I gave a direct link to a police report regarding Sandy Hook. But he laughed at it. I mentioned what the UN said. He wants me to include a link. But the last time I included a link, I was laughed at. Meaning links will do nothing. He said it would be easy to find links for what the UN said. I replied. Exactly, why would it be so hard for you to find it?

@PFJ#4075, I have to live with people like @IKNOWWHATYOUDIDLASTBRONYCON#4424 who laughed at me when I provided a link to a real police report. And now he wants me to provide even more links which he will reject. Ironic Brony is a sham.

Brony is one of the trolls that lives in my basement. PFJ, do you worship the UN? I already answered Brony's questions. All you have to do is simply read UN articles from past four years. Also, just check out what the World Economic Forum (WEF) have been saying.

More importantly, if you thought Covid Lockdowns were bad, wait until you see the 2023 Climate Lockdowns. You can call me a crazy person until you are locked inside your house like Chinese and Australians were.

UN report: Pandemic year marked by spike in world hunger. It said there was a spike in 2020. You are being rude to dead people. All a sudden, we saw a spike in 2020. Oh, just a crazy coincidence. Yeah. Why was the spike not in 2019? People died from starvation. The report said starvation. Do you understand what starvation means? Why a spike in 2020? Why all of a sudden? No reason? Lockdown murdered people. The UN admitted that lockdown murdered people. Lockdowns are coming back.

To the world I say I hope you enjoy even worse lockdowns. I said the word lockdown on purpose. Lockdown was especially bad in China as they welded closed doors and windows. Lockdown in Australia was so crazy. Lockdown didn't go away in some places.

I said people died. Not Americans. I said people. I am highly concentrated. Like you have to add a lot of water to this oatmeal.

I am saying that if I don't send the food to your store, then how will you buy the food from your store? I am saying if my company cannot work to get the food to your store, then how do you get the food from your store? Many companies were told they were not essential. Many people did not work. Millions if not billions of gallons of milk in America was dumped. Do you live under a rock?

I did not change my behavior these past few years since 2020. I never wore a mask. I never got Covid Vaccines or Boosters. I did not social distance. I did not the Covid Tests.

COVID-related hunger could kill more people than the virus. The title says Covid-related hunger. What does "Covid Related Starvation" mean?

03:04 AM
"Almost 3.1 billion people could not afford a healthy diet in 2020, up 112 million from 2019, reflecting the effects of inflation in consumer food prices stemming from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures put in place to contain it."

Doctors were paid money to say on death certificates people died from Covid even when they didn't. You live under a rock.



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03:08 AM
On my daily blog for so many years, I constantly link to people, videos, articles, etc. I've been talking about the evidence all the time for years. You think I am rude. Ok. If you don't like it, leave. Covid did not kill as many as they say.

They even admit that over 94% of Covid Deaths were actually "COMORBIDITY." That is a big word. That word was in the official report. We have to break down COMORBIDITY. Look under the Comorbidities paragraph. It says, "For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate."

Brony asked if PFJ on on Discord was just me. An alt account. A sock puppet acocunt. Yeah. I said. PFJ is just me. I love making sock puppet accounts. I love making fake accounts. I have over 40 YouTube channels. I made around 200 Facebook groups plus around 200 Facebook pages plus dozens of Facebook accounts. I love making alt accounts.

I've made more accounts than Lil Sniff could ever dream of having.

In life, you look for patterns. Sherlock Holmes had to rely on patterns for solving mysteries. If I steal from your store, I'm not going to tell you directly. Just look at the Rockefeller paper from around 2010, it mentioned Lock-Step. Lock-Step described the 2020 Lockdowns. Lock-Step was published years before 2020.

Lock Step 2010

2022-08-30 - Tuesday - 03:38 AM - Globalism Log

Lock Step was mentioned on page 18 of the Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development report which was published by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network (GBN) in May of 2010.

This is one of the reasons why it is so hard for most people to find things on the Internet. Some things are taken down for example which can make it that much harder to find stuff. That is why I value Archive dot org, the Internet Time Capsule Project is very important for the world to have, to build, to maintain, to keep, to save, to treasure.

The 2010 Lock Step is one example. It is written down innocently as a fictional future. In their story, it is in the fictional year of 2012. Another example are these table-top exercises they do annually. Event 201 was live-streamed late in 2019. So, you could have watched the video.

If Nelson predicted that Bart Simpson would be beaten up, would you think Nelson was just being silly or was Nelson planning on beating up Bart?

Event 201 did their live stream onthe 18th of October of 2019. Why were doctors banned off YouTube? There was a military Olympics being held in October of 2019 in China. People from different countries attended.

Good doctors were banned off YouTube. The sad part is you think you know why. You are extremely mistaken. You don't have the humility to say you are not sure. That is how misguided you are. Some doctors and scientists escaped China to talk about it. So many doctors and scientists have talked about it. They were not debunked. That is a lie.

Covid-19 was being developed in at least one lab in North Carolina. The research was moved to China in 2015. The virus was being engineered alongside of the vaccines and other things. Covid is bad. But the Vaccines are very very bad. Also, not working is bad. Also, you can beat Covid via natural remedies and stuff, generally speaking. Plus, Vaccines are slowly killing people over the next few years as we approach 2030. I've been reporting on this for years. They're blaming the Vaccine deaths on Trump right now.







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11:59 AM
I was banned off SnapChat. They didn't tell me why. Roy Merrick wants me to watch Into The Wild. The problem is I have long list of shows and movies I want to watch and review. You are telling me to put Into The Wild to the top of my long list. I have a Log Watching file dedicated to listing what I watch and what I may watch in the future. I barely give myself three hours or less to watch and review things each day.

So, a new guy comes onto Discord. He is like oh I love Oatmeal. A day later he is like oh no Oatmeal is so retarded. It makes me feel like any compliment that I may get may potentially be fake.

Climate Lockdown in 2023? The plan is as soon as possible. Most likely after the 2022 elections which means 2023. But they have to make sure not too many freedom lovers win in the elections. So they have to super rig and cheat and everything ten times harder than 2020. But regardless, they will always try to put the world back into lockdowns and everything else too.

I did not do anything on Snapchat. Why was I banned? Where was it documented at? I posted videos to Snapchat. But how would you know that? It is not like Grandpa Roy Merrick is on Snap. You would have to be on Snap to see the videos. Are you on Snap? I am not allowed to post videos to Snap? It is better for me to post videos to YouTube? The question is whether or not I have freewill. It is not a question of what I should do but more a question of what I can do. I do not focus on Snap. If Snap wants to say I can be on it, then what is the problem? People post stories on Snap. People are not banned. My posts were the same as what others posted. I am not here to talk about what I should do. I am here to talk about them.

You rent space at my mall. I tell you that you can sell shoes. So, you sell shoes. After that, I kick you out of my mall for selling shoes. That's the problem with Snap Chat. You can complain about me and get me banned off Discord. And then you will have no way to talk to me. The owner said I can buy shoes. I bought shoes. The owner kicks me out. You are the product. Did you know Facebook made money? How did Facebook make money? You are the product. When you hop on, you are therefore buying the shoes. You being alive is the act of buying shoes. People who did not join Facebook have Shadow Accounts. Roy Merrick is on Facebook via visible accounts and/or invisible shadow accounts. Facebook confessed to having shadow accounts. So much news gets buried. I'm deemed the nut because I pay attention to the news. Meanwhile, too many people worship fake news.

What is worse is when too many too aggressively believe that their fake news is in fact not fake news. Often times, problems are under-exaggerated. Roy is on Facebook. Facebook gathers information relating to people. Facebook gathers up information from Google and a wide variety of places. Facebook collects information regarding people. Google does this too. It is similar to how the CIA, NSA, FBI, MI6, etc, collect data. Don't get me started about DARPA, ARPA, etc.

For example, if I am on Facebook and I mention Roy, Facebook will create a file titled Roy. Facebook will gather information to put into that file.

Credit cards make money off monthly payments. Also, they may also make money the same ways banks do on top of that. Edward Snowden talked about it. Roy is on Facebook. They talked about this. It is possible Roy is too old to know this. What is worse is when you think you know. I try to keep an open minded regarding everything. What is sad is when you close your mind. Too many people don't even know they closed their minds. I will talk to my wife about parachuting. I will talk to my wife about watching Into The Wild. Roy, what were you doing last night? Roy, did somebody call you on the phone last night?

Roy follows my life so closely. Roy, did you drinking any wine last night? I am on Facebook just as much as I am on Twitter. Where do I go for my credit score report? EZ replies: "experian equifax or transunion." Those 3 places. Websites. Does it require credit cards? What does it report on? Because I do not have cars, houses, credit cards. Do they show you information relating to social media transactions, dates, etc? Try Experian CreditWorks℠ Premium for 7 days for free, then just $24.99 a month. I already published my social security number many years ago. So, you cannot put the toothpaste back in. It is on blockchain which cannot be taken down. But if a person wants my social, they can get it. If somebody wants to destroy you, they will. The problem is some people can get your social security number even if you do not share it. I decided just to lay it out for the world to see as opposed to wait for crazy people to dig for it. I have been in prison for breaking the law. Good and bad exists. Heaven and Hell probably exists or something.

I talked to Robin a few times in person after my arrest in 2012. Also in person in 2017 and 2018. I moved in with my dad in 2011. Robin moved in after that. I was in prison in 2012. Robin was living there at home. I went to Vietnam. I came back home in 2017. I moved away in 2018. I last talked to my dad when I moved out in 2018. My score is 8 on Experian. Do I have to feed in to them every single bank account I have ever had? Do I have to do all the work for them? My FICO score is 8. It says it appears there is not enough info about me out there. I never do anything. I don't do things like normal people do. I have never had a credit card. I've had debit cards.

Oregon State Records website search for me. In 2012, I lived in Forest Grove, Oregon. Police took me to a jail in Hillsboro. I've only seen one prison in Hillsboro. I believe it is the county jail. I do not think Forest Grove has a prison. They have a police department. I've not gone in to see if there were in holding cells inside. Court was held in Hillsboro. I forget where the police came from.

I need to find websites where I can search for all kinds of records and things relating to me and other people and things too. I am looking to do some serious digging. I am even considering going into the dark webs, the black webs, the deep deep corners of the Internet.

Was put in prison on Friday, the 13th day of July of 2012.

Roy Merrick:
Jail - Day(s): 15.00 Probation to Court - Year(s): 1.00 GC1 Obey Gnrl Cond Prob GC2 Obey All Laws GC4 Pay Ct Ord Obligation GC7 If Prv Ord Pay Ap/Cnt GC3 Notify Ct Chg Address 25 No Victim Contact PO Credit for Time Served
You had a 1 year suspended sentence hanging over your head
So if you got arrested you were going to do the year
even if it was 1 day before the year was up
You couldnt contact Robin or your dad for 1 year
Did you guys have drama leading up to this ?
Judge Janelle Factora Wipper.

Roy Merrick, good work. That looks like the lawyer they gave me. That lady was probably my judge. I only saw the judge one time. I was thinking about taking it to trial. I was put in jail Friday night, the 13th day of July of 2012. As seen above, the police report was filed Monday, the 16th day. The report above said 15 days. I am not sure exactly how many days I was in jail but I know I got out Thursday morning like two or three weeks later. @Roy Merrick#5961, before I answer your questions, I need to know which Wednesday my court appearance was on. Was it on the 25th of that month?

Case number: D122961M
My attorney: Lead Attorney: GIBBENS, M CASEY. Court Appointed. I was going against. The plaintiff was The State of Oregon. The entire state of Oregon was going after me. FREEMAN, ANDREW D. Lead Attorney: Washington, Cert Law Student. It might as well have been the federal government since it was a federal crime they were throwing at me. Case Type: Offense Misdemeanor.

Description Statute Level Date

  1. Harassment 166.065(3) Misdemeanor Class B 07/13/2012
  2. Interference with Making a Report 165.572 Misdemeanor Class A 07/13/2012

In Oregon, Class A misdemeanors are punishable by up to 364 days in jail, a fine of up to $6,250, or both. Reckless driving and prostitution are examples of Class A misdemeanors.

Disposition Events
07/16/2012 Plea

Judicial Officer
Unassigned, Judge

  1. Harassment: Not Guilty
  2. Interference with Making a Report: Not Guilty

07/25/2012 Plea

Judicial Officer
Unassigned, Judge

  1. Harassment: Guilty
    07/25/2012 Disposition
    Judicial Officer
    Unassigned, Judge
  2. Harassment: Convicted

07/25/2012 Disposition

Judicial Officer
Unassigned, Judge

  1. Interference with Making a Report: Dismissed

07/25/2012 Sentence Suspended Imposition

  1. Harassment: Sentence Suspended Imposition. Converted Disposition. Attorney Fees $400.00. Bench Probation Assessment $100.00. Unitary Assessment $60.00. Fine $40.00

I was put in jail on Friday, the 13th of July, 2012. There was a disposition on Monday, the 16th. I didn't attend that first disposition. I pleaded not guilty to two counts. My dad came to see me. The lawyer talked me into pleading guilty to the harassment charge. Court was Wednesday, the 25th. I was out of prison the next day, Thursday, the 26th. I was sentenced to 15 days but served only 14 days. Technically, the 25th was a second disposition. So, in a sense not an actual trial. More a pre-trial bit. I think the judge said I got out of jail a day early due to good behavior. I ended up paying like $15 for the toothpaste, toiletries, which they incoming inmates automatically. So, I ended up paying that later on that year. I sent a check to them.

On the 24th day of July of 2012, a day before my 2nd court disposition, Brent Groth paid like $500 to bail me out of prison. I do not know if I ever told you the story of when Brent Groth bailed me out of prison. Jail - Day(s): 15.00 Probation to Court - Year(s): 1.00 GC1 Obey Gnrl Cond Prob GC2 Obey All Laws GC4 Pay Ct Ord Obligation GC7 If Prv Ord Pay Ap/Cnt GC3 Notify Ct Chg Address 25 No Victim Contact PO Credit for Time Served.

07/16/2012 Arraignment

Hearing Time
03:01 PM

07/16/2012 Arraignment

Judicial Officer
Wipper, Janelle Factora

Comment: CAA ODAC CAD 09/07/12, TL 09/13/12 9AM; Room: LEC1; Judge: Janelle Factora Wipper; District Attorney: THOMAS J TINTERA Defendant: JOSEPH SCOTT ARNOLD Reporter: GOLD FTR

07/16/2012 Complaint


07/16/2012 Affidavit - Eligibility - ACP

07/16/2012 Arraignment - Count

07/16/2012 Remove - Inactive Status

07/16/2012 Order

Judicial Officer
Wipper, Janelle Factora

Comment: FRM ARR *ECR REJECTED; Court Action: Signed; Court Action Date: 07/16/2012; Judge: Janelle Factora Wipper;

07/16/2012 Plea - Not Guilty

07/23/2012 Notice - Hearing

07/25/2012 Hearing - Change Plea

Hearing Time
09:01 AM

07/25/2012 Convicted

07/25/2012 Dismissed

07/25/2012 Hearing - Plea/Sentence

Judicial Officer
Thompson, Kirsten E

Comment: SENTENCED; Room: 202C; Judge: Kirsten E Thompson; Defendant: JOSEPH SCOTT ARNOLD District Attorney: CERT LAW STUDENT WASHINGTON Reporter: GOLD FTR

07/25/2012 Petition - Guilty Plea

Judicial Officer
Thompson, Kirsten E

Court Action: Signed; Court Action Date: 07/25/2012; Judge: Kirsten E Thompson;

07/25/2012 Judgment - Sentence

Judicial Officer
Thompson, Kirsten E

Court Action: Signed; Court Action Date: 07/25/2012; Judge: Kirsten E Thompson;

07/25/2012 Sentence - Suspend Imposition

07/25/2012 Closed

07/25/2012 Plea - Guilty

07/25/2012 Creates Judgment Lien


07/26/2012 Disposition - Reported


07/27/2012 Agreement - Security Release

Comment: POSTED $500. ORIG W/ RECEIPT;

07/27/2012 Order - Appointing Counsel

Judicial Officer
Wipper, Janelle Factora

Court Action: Signed; Court Action Date: 07/16/2012; Judge: Janelle Factora Wipper; Court Appointed: M CASEY GIBBENS

08/29/2012 Judgment - Payment Schedule Assessment

09/07/2012 Call

Hearing Time
09:02 AM

Cancel Reason
Guilty Plea

Event Status: Cancelled: Guilty Plea;

09/13/2012 Trial - Six Person Jury

Hearing Time
8:59 AM

Cancel Reason
Guilty Plea

Comment: C/P 7/25; Event Status: Cancelled: Guilty Plea;

Financial for ARNOLD, JOSEPH SCOTT: Total Financial Assessment: $725.00.

Total Payments and Credits: $725.00
7/25/2012 Transaction Assessment $400.00
7/25/2012 Transaction Assessment $100.00
7/25/2012 Transaction Assessment $60.00
7/25/2012 Transaction Assessment $40.00
7/26/2012 Transaction Assessment $75.00
8/29/2012 Transaction Assessment $50.00

Legal fees, $725.00. I only paid less than $20 is what I remember. I am not totally sure who paid what. Brent Groth paid some of it I think. Some of it may have been paid by the government or something. Like financial aid kind of thing. Like a scholarship. Like a thing they give to poor people. Not sure of the exact details.

@Roy Merrick#5961, it almost felt like I was going to get a restraining order. The problem would be I live in that same house as Robin Baker.

I was told I was on a 12 month probation. Something like that. I had to stay out of jail. Robin may have threatened to throw me in jail again at any time. She may have said things a few times while drunk. I emailed my lawyer asking if I could leave the country and I think he said ok sure or something. I would have to find the emails.

The end of July of 2012, I was sentenced with like 12 months in probation or whatever it was. About four months later, around Thanksgiving, around the end of November of 2012, that same year, I was off to Vietnam. Part of the reason I ran off was I didn't want to accidentally find myself in prison again.

@Roy Merrick#5961, did I answer your questions? Maybe you need a timeline to help you see it in your head.

2012-07-13 - Friday - Thrown in prison.
2012-07-25 - Wednesday - Sentenced to a year in probation/whatever.
2012-11-28 - Wednesday - My airplane left America.
I was to serve 12 months in probation/whatever.
But I left the country 4 months in.

@Roy Merrick#5961, you asked me if I was not allowed to contact Robin or my dad. Well, I lived with them. There was nothing about my dad. And my dad wanted to stop the police from taking me to jail. My dad was against it. I forget the exact details. I don't think it was an actual restraining order. Not sure exactly what it was. But it may have been that they had to dismiss the restraining order or whatever it was as I lived there. I just had to make sure Robin didn't call the cops on me again. Part of the time during that time period between prison and Vietnam, those four months, I was at Matt Kurtz's house for at least the last few days of that period. I was also working a bunch for my dad those last 4 months in order to earn roughly $800 for my venture to Vietnam.

I was already talking to Joy Sanchez before I went to jail, I was already considering Vietnam. But the prison thing most likely accelerated my desire to go there.

But another reason I went to Vietnam was to get away from Brent Groth.

07:16 PM
My experience with AI is minimal. This website is new to me.

YouTube Partners

To get paid money on YouTube I would need the following 4 things:

No active community guideline strikes, check. I got that.
2-step notifications via a phone. I could do that.
1,000 subscribers. I got 202.
4,000 public watch hours excluding live-streams I think. I got 311 hours.

I expect to have over 1,000 subscribers (I got 202 right now in 2022) and 4,000 public watch hours (I got 311 hours right now) by 2024. That is my current goal. I do not expect to grow faster than that. Unless if a lot of people genuinely liked me or whatever. But it is hard to say. I do expect to continue to grow a little each day as that has been the pattern. I don't see why things would magically change out of blue.


Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

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06:37 PM
Tim Cast - Timcast IRL - FBI Agent FORCED Out Over Left Political Bias, Escorted Out Of Bureau w/ Peter Navarro

Good points.


Here is a list of what I'm watching

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Discord. Background check would be nice to do. I want to do deep dives on my life. Work outside, filtered dirt for a lot behind the book shed next to the metal fence near the pole beans. Next to the grapes and possibly some onions. I found some onions. Was out there around 01:00 PM or 02:00 PM to like 05:30 PM. So, over three hours at least. I was sweating more than usual. Oven outside. Red sweatshirt. Mom said that large wheel barrow is too large to go into that place behind the book shed. Dug a foot down and a square foot or two of the dirt in that lot. Mom is preparing the land to plant onions or garlic in November. I went over to the Ivy Compost Pile to get dirt for that lot. Filtered dirt. Sorted. Weeds. Compost. Rocks. Branches. Went into the woods to gather vines, ivy, branches, for the burn pile by the boat. Was resting a bit on the carpet leaning against the couch for a few minutes while mom mentioned the funeral of the wife of Health Master. He stopped counting the flowers they got at around 800 flowers. Large church. Started giving people refunds as they were out of flowers. Now he is free. I showered. Dishes for an hour. Dinner, 06:30 PM. Dishes. Compost. Class. Food log: Breakfast: watermelon, noon. Lunch: big fruit gegi salad in a large bowl. This was aorund 01:00 PM. Not the normal large bowl. The largest bowl we got. Took an hour or two to eat. Dinner: crock pot soup on potato, 06:30 PM. Footnote: You can find my blogs hosted and mirrored on different websites. Google my display name, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, lookup my username, Joeyarnoldvn, type in random keywords like 1985 Oregon, etc, in order to find out where you can find me on different websites, social media networks, blockchains, other links, other sites across the Internet, or click here. The web address or URL for my blogs is/are generally domain-name / @joeyarnoldvn. Just replace domain-name with the name of the website. 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PeakD did this too but not any more last time I checked. Also, Hive Blog does not do it either. Currently, I'm only seeing Ecency change PeakD and Hive Blog links into Ecency links. But there may be others that do it too. Click here to see a more complete and thorough list of the different places where you may find my blogs, diary, journals, articles, posts, etc. My Oatmeal Daily posts can be found via different websites on the Internet. For example, here is a list of a few of those places as follows: Ausbit . Dev: https://hive.ausbit.dev/@joeyarnoldvn. Blurt Blog: https://blurt.blog/@joeyarnoldvn. Blurtter . com: https://blurtter.com/@joeyarnoldvn. Dream-Real . com: https://dream-real.com/@joeyarnoldvn. Ecency . com: https://ecency.com/@joeyarnoldvn. Esteem . App: https://www.esteem.app/@joeyarnoldvn. Hive Blocks . com: https://hiveblocks.com/@joeyarnoldvn. Hive . Blog: https://hive.blog/@joeyarnoldvn | https://hiveblog.c0ff33a.uk/@joeyarnoldvn. Leo Finance . 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Duck Duck Go Search: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=hive+blog+joeyarnoldvn&ia=web. And feel free to add to this list or to make your own, have fun and good luck. Are some of the links not working? If some of my links don't work, it's probably because I've not written or published those pages, posts, etc, etc, yet. Yeah. Not yet maybe. Still working on it. Think of it like a website that is under construction. But a really big website. I literally include links to future articles and much more, to be continued as always. If some of my links are broken, you can let me know or you can come back later and try again. I've linked to future articles, posts, web-pages, websites, URL links, which I've not written yet or have not published online yet. But you can also try swapping out the domain name part of the link with a different one. For example, the domain I'm currently focused on (as of 2020) is Hive . blog. That is not case-sensitive meaning it can be hIVe . blog or HivE . BLoG. In other words, it doesn't matter which letters are capitalized (uppercase) or not (lowercase). Also, the domain has no spaces in it, meaning hive . blog becomes hive.blog. Depending on the website, following the domain can be the username. So, in this case, it's forward-slash at (@) username. My username is joeyarnoldvn. Some websites skips that at symbol part (generally if they're not a blockchain-style site, they skip the at symbol part in the URL) and goes directly to the username. Some websites may include the web-page section of the link first followed by the domain name. With Hive Blog, it begins with Hive.blog, it follows with the username, and then it ends with the web-page link or section which is generated based off the title of the post. So, if my link doesn't work, try swapping out hive.blog for example peakd . com or ecency . com or steemit . com or you can try other domain names and websites and pages and URLs and sites and links and hyperlinks and everything and anything else you can imagine too, as well. You can also try googling or searching via Duck Duck Go, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, Google, other search engines, the title of the post in quotation marks, add a space followed with a plus-sign (+), add another space followed with my username in quotation marks. If that doesn't work, you can remove the quotation marks and try other keywords and combinations therein. Be creative and try many different search engines and different domain names. Also, feel free to host, mirror, copy, paste, download, steal, share, etc, any of my posts, videos, photos, memes, articles, links, anything that I publish, post, share, upload, etc. 2022-08-30 04-31-09, Resident Alien 211: The Weight, blopper video because I already did this episode.mp4. ChinhPham0089: 2022-08-30 - Tuesday - 09:30 PM. Walking Dead. Zombies. School year. Fear. Tales. Different shows. Come up with a new idea. Show. Thing. Monster. Boy being rebellious the beginning of each school year which is starting this week. Speed. Bus. Bomb. I will not do jeans with holes in them. Trying new things can be hard. Food. Fashion. Habits. cockroach. Dormant or sleeping. Stocks may go up, down, or stand still. It may be flat. I want to say lay dormant.

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