VRT Token Sale Round Three: Funds and Private Investors

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    The VRT WORLD investment opportunity will be extended with a third round of fundraising for private investors and funds of $50,000 and higher. In order to reach and surpass the token sale soft cap of $3,430,000, this opportunity will be available until July 30 or the moment VRT successfully concludes all current dealings.

    The team is working with a number of funds and private investors at this time. As the VRT team works to finalize pre-arrangements with these investors and funds, everyone will have more time to learn more about the VRT Project and to take advantage of this great investment opportunity.

    At this time, VRT has not reached the soft cap of $3,430,000, so the team is working with private investors to raise that minimum needed to develop all plans for the future. The hard cap is $16 million.

    With that in mind, the team will offer a private fundraising round following the token sale for investors and large funds. During this special sale—June 1 to July 30—VRT plans to raise a total of $1,5 million with participation from the $50,000 funds. The target is $1.5 million USD overall.

    BTC, ETH, BCASH, DASH and LTC currencies are accepted, and tokens purchased via ETH will be distributed to participant wallets on the Ethereum blockchain, with a balance closed in smart contracts. All funds raised are received and saved in multi-signature wallets. Each VRT token is equivalent to $1 USD.

    The team will continue to update the community on the progress of development as current investment dealings are finalized. Meanwhile, VRT will continue to develop the VRT WORLD platform and virtual reality park franchise, which are already up and running. Additionally, the team is working on new content and knows that everyone in the VRT community will be excited about this quality material and further project development.

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