Virtual Reality Park — why these technologies are bleeding the edge?

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Have you ever heard of a virtual reality park or visited one? Many will not even understand the concept, and there are people who will consider this is a matter of the distant future. But, I assure you, soon, each of us will find it an irressistable need to visit the VR park to enjoy it with the utmost delight. Because the reality over which the authors, programmers and engineers of VRT World work today is not so virtual.

The VRT World is developing a promising market with the involvement of the most advanced developments and technologies with competitors you can count on a few fingers. But, if you delve into the subtleties of the VRT World, the company is miles ahead technically because it uses the most advanced optics and works on active labels. But all of that, ou will understand only if you see the effect of physical presence achieved technologically.

VRT World independently produces active markers, which can be recognized by the frequency in the flicker of the diodes. In this case, there are eight of them, and this gives amazingly accurate tracking to a millimeter of a separate movement. In this case, each active label can be assigned its own algorithm of operation. They are not tied to a specific geometry.

Active markers have advantages in production. Microchips for markers (as well as lenses and cameras) are supplied by Optitrack, a long-established manufacturer. Microcomputers in MSI backpacks with MSI VR ONE replaceable batteries transfer data to virtual reality glasses. The glasses can be of any brand but the preference is given to the VR-helmet Oculus. As a result, the total weight of all the equipment that a player wears for participation is significantly reduced in comparison with analogues.

Perhaps most importantly, the fact that several participants are able to interact in virtual reality is realized, which VRT World’s Full-Body Tracking VR technology gives in full, and this is the impetus for the active development of eSports and collective travel. Note that participants can be in different countries even. The marks of active players on the soles of their feet, wrists, and back ate tracked by the cameras, and the movements of the main parts of the body are calculated and completed according to the reverse kinematics algorithm. The algorithm is based on the knowledge of human anatomy and calculates the rotation of the joints. The company took great efforts, carried out intensive research and shooting of movements in order to confidently create this leading innovative program. Any turn is immediately transferred to the virtual world and naturally fits into it, and is also visible to other participants.

At the end of 2017, the first Z8 park from VRT World will open in Moscow. Now, the room is just over 120 sq.m. as preparatory work is underway. Foreach meter in the cube there should be three cameras installed. We keep active tags with infrared lamps in our hands and are considering backpacks.

It will be an extraordinary and interesting event. Development of the company — the game “Starship Troopers” — will move participants into the 2130. An exciting scenario unfolds on other planets of the solar system and provides an interesting team game.

And further more, VRT World VRT World is considering the prospects of entering foreign markets in the next two years — China, Japan, Korea in the east, North America, the United Arab Emirates and, above all, the European market of Germany, France, and also the UK. In the next four years, an increase in the number of VR parks by franchise to 170 has been announced. The first 30 franchises have already been purchased, and VR parks will appear in Europe soon.

Until recently, VR toys were not too impressive. However, today virtual reality becomes much more attractive. VR sensations are quite real, and progress in this area is in demand and is rapid.

Most people perceive the broad possibilities of VR as a compelling game, but some want more and are ready to make it part of their life. There is a case when a guy from Japan held a virtual wedding. His bride became the heroine of the anime. And yet, May 23, 2017, officially registered the world’s first proposal of the hand and heart in VR, which was accepted and became unforgettable for all participants. It happened in the UK, a video on the Internet fixes the preparation of the site and putting on a helmet. However, the ring on the bride’s hand was worn in a completely traditional way. Another couple used the virtual environment to make such an event unforgettable. Alex, as he progressed with his girlfriend Kelly, organized the situation when she suddenly sees that her screen turns blue and reports a reboot. Then Kelly is transferred to a virtual copy of her grandmother’s house. While she explores the space with Alex, their friends gather side by side to remove the headset. The proposal itself and getting up on one knee happened already in the ordinary reality, but it was accepted and it was fun.

Make the wedding virtual? Why not? And how many guests will want to participate in such an event? When you think about it, the requirements for technical aspects are increased. For example, VRT World (for the first time in the world) solved the problem of the virtual reality’s out of sync with the user’s vestibular device. And this has saved participants from the occasional feeling of nausea. The reason was in some inconsistency of what you feel and what you see. It is equally important that it was possible to arrange any physical objects indoors: move the entire team into virtual space and simulate any scenario.

Fantasies of developers go much further than everyday: it is an imitation of falling from a height or being in weightlessness, an illusion of being in the cabin of a spacecraft or something completely beyond imagination. But the practical application of VR is not far off. Such a complete immersion in virtual reality requires attention to detail and does not end with what has been achieved. And, if the bride decides to wear a helmet at her wedding, then the development team is ready to say yes to her — VR in non-stop mode and its technological nuances.

“Initially, the prototype of our technology was used in the production of special effects during filming and animation was shared with us,” the IT director of VRT World Dmitry Livshin said. “It all started with a green background and costume, like a diver with a lot of green points. However, now we can render the graphics at once, and not break it into two processes, as it was about five years ago, and instead of a costume there are now six small boxes that can be put on a person in less than a minute. And all thanks to the advanced algorithm of reverse kinematics, which allows us not only to finish the movement of the user’s limbs on which the markers are not installed but also to adjust the height and proportions of the player to his physique. The system will work equally well with a professional basketball player and with an eight-year-old child. “

It should be noted that the efforts of the VRT World team would not have been successful, if not for the support of well-known brands.

Firstly, OptiTrack is the new software platform and includes the best developments in a single architecture that is flexible enough and powerful to solve even the most ambitious tasks of optical tracking. Even when compared with the best analogs, it has a number of invaluable advantages, for example improved ergonomics, more precise processing of angular and linear acceleration of markers (experts will appreciate). The choice is obvious. ICs for active labels, lenses and cameras are supplied by OptiTrack. Now, take the backpack WSI VR One, which has already received a worthy recognition in the virtual games industry. The ability to play 1.5 hours without stopping, the powerful Core i7 7700HQ processor and the GTX1070 graphics card, the hot battery replacement, the weight of just 3.5 kg and the comfortable suspension system are surely the best in the world! And only such a backpack can provide the highest requirements for non-stop mode in the VR park.

A few words about the choice of touch controllers. The choice of RIFT is ensured by quality. They are comfortable and just beautiful. Thanks to the advanced and refined and technological design, they are indispensable. They easily adapt and give a wonderful experience with VR.

About the author’s development of the company we have already mentioned. The creation of the Full Tracking VR cost 20 million rubles and was fully realized thanks to the well-coordinated work of the whole team. Currently, the company is launching a blockchain-platform VRT World, which will give access to VRT World technology to VR developers from around the world. At the same time, the company’s network of parks can itself be among the first customers of VR content on this platform. Preliminary token sale VRT Word runs from 5 to 23 December, and in February 2018 — the main sale begins.The price for 1 token=1$. A total of 100 million tokens will be implemented.
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