Virtual Reality. It’s just a game or..?

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VR-spaces are created all over the world, where there are already more than 50 000 of them. Is it possible to consider this product popular enough to build a global business with its own token on it?

On the one hand, virtual reality is interesting to many — there is progress in technology and the new generation has already adapted to a peculiar game-type of thinking and wants to translate it into a greater reality.

On the other hand, some facts are alarming. Loudly announced VR projects (like Arena Space) suddenly fail. Within two months, suddenly the sales of Vive and Oculus slow down and agitated Youtube bloggers are building hypotheses about the reasons for this.

On the contrary, we want to build a hypothesis on why we believe in the success of the virtual reality market and the presence that we consider so promising and extremely profitable. As they say, everyone decides the details. The market is a market, and failures are connected, at times, simply with the inability to properly conduct business or build a marketing strategy. Some companies do not fully evaluate their market goals. It is strongly advised to refer to SteamSpy service. You should hear your customers, and first of all understand what product they need for today.

The market is developing, and the situation is changing constantly. Internet cafes have flourished recently, and now everyone has access to the Internet while sitting at home and never looking away from a screen of their own. And many VR helmets have already been acquired. Nevertheless, sharks of the IT market are opening parks and centers.

VR HTC goes to the planned figure of 5000 VR centers, 1000 ViVeland VR-cades in China. In 2016, the total volume of venture and corporate investments in the AR/VR area by some estimates was $2.3 billion, and this is three times more than the previous year. There is a good reason for this jump, with spending on AR/VR goods and services in the world steadily growing and their further increase predicted from $11.4 billion in 2017 to almost $215 billion by 2021,That’s an average annual growth rate of 113.2%!

According to the Newzoo industry tracker, the global video game industry has reached $99.6 billion, and by 2019, it is expected to grow to $118.6 billion. All these solid figures are based on two factors: the tool — that is, the embodied technologies, as well as the quality content that follows for technologies and their capabilities. Throughout the world, there are thousands of small VR attractions, touchingly trying to engage the world of virtual reality of unsophisticated daredevils with specially designed mechanisms that enhance the experience of the game.

For example, these can be chairs or specialy designed racks that change the position of a watching player in the virtual world, or various hanging mechanisms that mimic the state of flight.

This year, the British VR/Ar Startup Immotion Group, specializing in virtual reality experience based on location, announced an investment of 1.3 million pounds to help launch its platform in Europe and the US.

“Combining the best VR motion platforms along with exciting content will help us really avoid reality,” said CEO Martin Higginson. “The best VR experience will be out of the house, allowing you to tap into all the senses to deliver a truly exciting experience.” The VR Experience platform from Immotion is a combination of motion-activated chairs to provide a sense of presence within the VR experience, along with exciting audio and high-quality visual effects, from your own custom-made content.

But there are more daring decisions. Zero Latency a VR park from Australia with an area of ​​several hundred square meters has more similarities with traditional console and PC games. The attraction offers its visitors several games to choose from, during which players can shoot back from the invasion of zombies, battle with alien robots in the space station, and unravel the mysteries of an ancient fantasy world in which gravity does not lend itself to the earthly laws of physics. Or Void — a virtual reality attraction from the US, in which groups of visitors participate in various thematic scenarios based on famous films. They are able to move freely in a specially equipped room, during which time, HMD creates the illusion of interacting with a virtual world containing a solid set of effects. December 16, Void opens in London Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. Participants will use their own custom VR-system VOID.

There are a number of successful and not very successful projects. But they only illustrate the main idea, their development and existence depend on the capabilities of technological methods and successful scenarios.

VRT World Company offered its ready-made solution, namely technology for transferring movements to virtual reality with the help of reverse kinematics and a platform for content creators. These two links united the concept of VR parks offered on a franchise.

Careful approach to the development of each link of this venture brings them to the number of leaders — fundamentalists- that make them take them very seriously and, from the point of view of investment,find them more than tempting.

Analysts of the virtual reality market say that its use will soon become a common thing. The solutions of the main problems of technology are found in high-quality content and the target audience. The harbinger of mass consumption of virtual reality products is the mobile VR, which Samsung and Google are betting on.

The number of users buying VR games will increase steadily. The total number of gamers will reach 2.2 billion (according to Newzoo) as early as this year, and this will dramatically increase the demand for good VR content. Serious market players think about it. The VRT World project offers a ready-made solution that will attract thousands of developers and authors from all over the world to create and monetize high-quality VR content on the VRT World platform, which is a decentralized VR marketplace. The platform is based on blocking technology, which guarantees transparent distribution of funds and enforcement of intellectual property rights. In addition, VRT develops special SDKs and APIs that make it possible to significantly simplify the creation of VR content, and, as a result, to involve the widest range of ICO stakeholders in the virtual reality in the development of the system.

The wave of interest in VR in reality coincided with the ICO boom and gave birth to many new projects, among which there are very successful Decentraland platform, which collected more than $ 26 million. At the same time, the desire to hold an ICO does not always guarantee success, there are outsiders.

At the moment, VRT World came to PRE SALE ICO the Token Sale company conducts to develop and promote its platform. VRT tokens produced in the process of the crowdsdale will mainly be used for internal payments. Part of the funds collected during the Token Sale, the company sends to the development of the international network of VR parks. This significantly increases the domestic demand for VR tokens and is an incentive for other participants to join the platform. The company relies on blocking technology, as it guarantees transparent distribution of funds and respect for intellectual property rights.

The VRT token is released on the Ethereum block, in accordance with the ERC-20 standard. Note that the market for ICO projects has changed over the last six months. Investors have become more cautious and attentive, looking to the prospects. They certainly have a VRT World project. The company does not refuse traditional sources of financing. As you know, it has already sold 30 franchises for the development of VR in Europe and plans to sell another 170. In summary, we can state that the first users of VR are gamers.

Mobile technologies turn VR into an everyday object, and social networks such as Facebook lead us to VR and make gamers spoiled by the possibilities of virtual reality. The market, which for all these years was considered a niche, has considerable prospects. See you on the expanses of virtual reality!

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