Blockshow Asia 2017 — short review from the VRT World team

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On November 29–30, BlockShow Asia 2017 conference was held in Singapore with the support of Cointelegraph. This was a large and highly anticipated event, designed to demonstrate the most innovative solutions, promising start-ups, ICO and the latest sensations from the world of blockbuster.

As you know, blocking technology has now been used in very different areas — such as finance, healthcare, retail and in the field of virtual reality. At the conference, the speakers covered various aspects, but special interest was aroused by the speeches of experts of blockade technologies recognized in this field. It is enough to name a few names: Llew Claasen, a venture capitalist and executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation; Alexander Ivanov, founder and CEO of Waves, who raised $ 17 million through crowdfunding for his new project; Simon Dixon, co-founder and CEO of BnkToTheFuture; and Anson Zeall, chairman of the ACCESS Group, co-founder of Coinpip, and a member of the Singapore FinTech Association. In total, over 50 top experts and industry players spoke at the conference.

For us, the most notable and expected was the speech of Konstantin Negachev, the CEO of VRT World, who presented the innovative VR platform for blocking on Hypethon. In a short interview with Konstantin, he noted the warm atmosphere of the conference.

“It was really great! The event is organized at a very good level. We have received many useful contacts. With each measure, the number of interesting people increases. This networking leads to a good result, and we will continue to participate in similar conferences.” Eric Benz was also present at BlockShow. The managing director of Cryptopay emphasized our project, “Blocking and VR are the most promising and fast-growing trends in IT. The VRT World platform is a ready-made solution that united two directions in one product.”

Daria Arefieva, the organizer of the conference and the adviser VRT World, gave her assessment:

“Back in the summer for ICO projects, only the idea was important, and speculators invested to quickly rise. In a few months, the situation has changed dramatically, like the investment strategy. Investors began to divide projects into those that will bring a good jackpot and those that will go down in history, like Facebook or Airbnb. The guys from VRT World belong to the second group, they collect exactly as much as necessary for the project, using their own money to open VR parks and invest in the development, which will share with the whole world, thereby leading the VR community!”

By the way, today the preset starts and the record on the White List is still open, and we recommend that you register on it; there is a high probability that the Hard Cap will close soon. In general, BlockShow Asia 2017 united about a thousand participants and confirmed that it is useful to communicate in such a good platform for the presentation of new businesses and products and exchange of expert opinions on new solutions. More than 40 stands of new projects from the largest brands first saw the light at BlockShow Asia 2017. The conference was concluded many successful transactions, and start-ups receive generous investments.

One of the most important elements of BlockShow Asia 2017 can be considered ICOscar — a competition in which the most innovative and promising blockbuster start-ups competed with each other for a prize of $ 20,000, from the Waves platform. The final ICOscar took place on the second day of BlockShow Asia 2017. Alexander Ivanov solemnly presented the prize to the project at the end of the working day of the conference. The project is really thorough. The goal is to create an intellectual energy ecosystem for Asia, to electrify Asia with Blockchain, which, according to the authors, will help make the electricity market transparent and safe. Already the traditional counter of the conference is Hypethon on BlockShow. Those participating for the first time know that 10 carefully selected innovative start-ups based on Blockchain have traditionally launched their ICO right on BlockShow Asia on November 29–30, offering exclusive terms to their supporters. Hypethon was held in a special area of ​​the exhibition hall, dedicated to this procedure. Prior to each launch, there is a preliminary exchange of information with specialists and participants. Faced with potential sponsors, representatives of the project support group answered questions.

After the end, each participant of BlockShow could, at his option, support projects offering exclusive conditions. According to the feedback of participants, immediately after their speeches, they had a result expressed in specific amounts (which is tens of thousands of dollars) received in the form of investments.

Unconditional adornment of the conference was the VIP Afterparty, which was organized in the hotel Fullerton. Many of those who visited this event noted it in social networks.

The whole event was warm atmosphere and warm days pleasing and remembered as productive time. The next meet-up has already been announced and will be held in India. There is a feeling that it will be hot!

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