I'm a Virtual Reality Filmer (or how to make 360° Video)

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Hey there

Since there are a lot of techy people arround, I tought I'd give you a little insight in what I do as my first Steemit Post :)
I am a VR filmer from the Blackforest in Germany. I make photos and videos in 360°.
The beauty of 360° filmery is that it captures everything and you can later on chose what you want to see. I am really fascinated by this. If you have a VR Headset things get even more awesome :)

Here's how I make my videos:

I have a special custom 3D printed Camera Rig with 8 Action Cams attached to it.


The cams opperate independent from each other. This is the output I get from each of the cameras. I was filming a little festival there.


Now I need to synchronise the videos and stitch the footage together, then it will look like this:


This format is called Equirectangular. It looks like a Panorama in the midle but you can see, that the top and the bottom is distorted. When viewing, the footage is being wraped arround a cube whereas you, the viewer is "inside that cube".

To get a better understanding of this I have unfolded the cube. This view is called cube faces.


What else can you do with the Rectengular Format?

With the Raw Equirectangular you can also pull out other interesting perspectives.

For example I made this mirrorball. The background is edited though. (Thats me btw in the midle seting up the camera :)


You don't have to get that funky though, you can just watch the normal video as well.

(Please watch in 4k. Remember, you are only seeing a part of the whole resolution since it is the whole equirectengular that is 4k and not the view that you have)

I hope you enjoy, if you like it, there is more :)

Cheers Guys.



thanks, encourages me to post more. I almost thought noone had noticed it :)

Just Post and they will come...Hit you with 100% upvote!!

Someone could find your post 8 days later, like me just now or a year or 30 years later. As long as Steem blockchain will be running someone can and will notice.

I think I've never seen a custom made VR 360 rig.As a future VR user I'll be following.

And thanks to ryan for resteeming!

Great post, re-steemed as well!

thank you as well :)

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