We go hands-on with the Zeiss VR One Connect, a $70 VR headset

in #vr3 years ago (edited)

Well hello there, Steam support (no not Steem, unfortunately)

▶️ DTube

Looks like a great product!

WOW , good to see VR technology getting cheaper!

Every big technology goes through this phase of first being a "deluxe" product. Minimal competition, high scarcity of this new "near-trial" product just leads to a limited access to rich people and youtubers who demonstrate how they're doing.
Thus, I'm really excited to see new companies getting into the VR game, trying new things (or in this case, taking another company's idea and making it better"at a low price). This makes me enthousiaste about the near future!

Will there be a native app like the gear VR or it will work only with steam?

Watch the vid to find out!

Hmmm... This is great.

i hope this technology become mutch mor attenchen

How high is the input lag ?
I guess shooters might not be fun with that.

Very interesting concept.

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