VR Selfie

in vr •  3 months ago


Finally I've set up something which has been missing in my life the last couple of years: a dedicated VR room!

I love the HTC Vive, but the house I lived in Leixlip for the last couple of years didn't have enough space to make it convenient. Now I do and that's awesome. I may try livestreaming some Space Pirate Trainer on DLive, should be fun..

(Yes I took the selfie by remotely operating my camera in VR :-P )

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That's a great set up. @demotruk
Do you work in AR or VR?
Here's a company I met doing AR & mixed reality.


Nope, I just use it to play video games.

wow thats cool setup for VR glad to hear about selfie by remotely operating

There was a similar post. I liked the post.

You have some additional joy at your home @demotruk. This l think is so huge to make things easier for your use. Happy weekend

That's pretty sweet, I still don't have any vr system for my game room.