Darkflame Earth LCARS Panel

in #vr3 years ago

I am having fun learning how to make things in VR!

This corridor is inside the castle.

Here is my Virtual Studio space, where I will be working on AR/VR!

I painted the walls and started designing curtains. Its a work in progress.


It adds a lot to the virtual space

Next, walls.


Here's a first draft I wanted to share.

I am learning how to use Unreal, brushing up on my 3D skills.

So far its looking pretty good!

I want to build games as well as educational tools. I have submitted an application for a Dev grant, so if you are reading this and considering my project, check out my most recent posts!


Pretty cool. Coding involved alongside the graphic design? have not really looked into much VR stuff yet.

@zoltrix What coding do you know? I would very much like to have your input on this.

Very very little. and I've never done anything for VR.

awesome post dear

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