Fireside Chat in VR with Adam Gazzaley and Philip Rosedale High Fidelity

in vr •  last year

This is a really cool talk in VR with High Fidelity. You can download the game/world for free check out blog and I am going to build a world of my own It could be fun to make a STEEM VR space in High Fidelity. You can also get it on the Steam Gaming platform.

Do you have VR would you like to help me build a Steem VR meeting space in High Fidelity? Let me know in the comments below.

With Gratitude
Allowistic ARtist

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That is all so amazing


Yes imagine the 3d audio in that space... I am going to build the Allowistic Islands in Abundance and fill it with birds :) so FUN

Hey @allowisticartist , long time no see! I've been off Steemit for a bit but am back, came to your page to catch up and noticed you haven't been on much lately either. Anyways, hope to see more from you soon :)

Also, cool post. I wasn't so sold on VR for awhile because all I could picture in my head is kids living their lives in a box but I'm starting to overcome my stubbornness and recognize the good it can do :)


Hey @herbertholmes yeah been busy in real life for a bit. I need to start sharing my progress of what I am working on. I will get some new stuff up soon.

Amazing Post.....!


yes it is amazing what they are doing with VR these days. :)

Excellent gaming conference @allowisticartist.....
I think, VR will like to help us build steem VR meeting space in high fidelity..


They are working on a blockchain solution for the market place so It would be interesting how STEEM may be able to work with a platform like High Fidelity.