Is VR dying? or just... regrouping?

in vr •  3 months ago

Hi folks, personally I love a bit of VR but am really selective about the content and really have to think about engaging with it. As an older user with only an affordable headset I don't like to play a lot of the gimmicky games, but am always looking out for some really killer apps and experiences.  

Check out an article I just wrote at Gaming about the state of VR here in 2018... dying??

What do you think of VR? Do you find the time and energy for it? 

You can still sign up at my own blog, UsingVR where I only write pieces (that will notify you) about something or some content I personally find to be worthwhile. 

Stay tuned!

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Virtual Reality is that golden goose that gaming companies will never give up chasing. There will be many that go bankrupt chasing this mythological beast.

The thing is, the one that gets it right, the one that lines everything up at the right time will be presented with even bigger challenges due to their popularity.

I personally see VR picking up if companies would do more horror or atmospheric gaming. While racing games are fun, they are a whole new beast in VR and I feel that is too jarring for most gamers.

Same for most genres that VR has tried to adapt in the past. Just give us the cheesy horror cliche driven adventures and let fans decide.

I don't care to play a platformer like Super Mario Bros from the point of view of the character - it is too unnerving and challenging as the genre has simply not matured in 3D like that yet, especially for VR.


interesting thoughts, yes there could be more gaming and atmospheric content in general. This should continue anyway. But i think it could sum up the tech as being a bit of a gimmick until killer apps come along too, possibly integrated with older media. We definitely need strong movie-base 360 content to shine and inform.


That is the thing. They are currently trying to recreate too much of the stuff that we already can get elsewhere in a better, easier to enjoy, format.

VR needs to step up what makes it interesting and push that.

When the Nintendo NES was released, they pushed something the Atari 2600 could not do that well. Scrolling.

I still remember the amazing feeling I had when I saw Super Mario Bros for the first time and played it at home. I had come straight from the 2600 and this was an amazing thing that Nintendo had done. They were doing stuff that 2600 could never even think of doing.

That is how VR needs to be. They need to go where traditional gaming cannot. Give us the interactive immersion experience. Give us that feeling of being there.

Give us an endless runner but you are stuck in a mansion or something, complete with tunnels and such underneath and there is a killer on your heels. You have to lose the killer, knock stuff down with, if nothing else, quick time event triggers to keep the action fast and impactful.