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Finalizing Website Registration

SteemVPN Will Full Release This Summer 2019!!!

The domain is nearly finishing and polished up ready for a full release this summer. We are optimizing the user experience on each individual Operating System to ensure the best experience for every individual user.

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Registration opening soon, stay posted for an update here directly on Steem by @steemvpn. We invite you to participate in a new form of VPN acquisition. There has never been an opportunity to secure a VPN Tunnel with a simple Steem Power Delegation.

If you would like to support this project please donate Zcash to the Following Address. We sincerely appreciate any support we get. The servers are 100% privately owned.

Transparent Address


 Zcash for SteemVPN

Z Address Shielded Transaction

Due to the volatile nature of internet privacy, we can not guarantee protection against certain forms of advanced and meticulous attacks on addresses, for example a Flashlight or Overseer Attack Satoshi Has No Clothes by Ian Miers. To ensure the most secure transactions, a unique address will be provided for each transaction in order to prevent metadata being used in a flashlight or overseer attack from being circulated in the transaction pool.

*** Sorry this takes extra time but we want to ensure a private transaction stay private. ***



Checkout SteemVPN Today!

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Encrypt, Delete, Repeat.


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