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Everybody needs a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and if you don't know what one is, listen closely. With a VPN you and your information on the internet become encrypted so people like hackers and the government can't get their dirty hands on your personal info.
Do you understand why you need one now?
Play good, now you may be asking “I want a VPN but I don't have any money to get one, what do I do?” if you don't have any money to spend on a decent VPN server there are a few options.

In my opinion, Windscribe is my favorite free vpn as it has the most amount of data (except Xvpn) 10gb exactly. It also has a fast connection and seems very trustworthy.

Both X-VPN and Windscribe are up there with how much I would recommend them but i had to make X-VPN second as I am unsure how safe it really is as there is no monthly data limit unlimited devices a ton of locations and well there must be a catch, right?. Can somebody please tell me if there is a catch and i might be able to put this one on top.

If tunnelbear had more data this would be on the top of my list but as it only has 500mb of data which is just not enough for me, tunnelbear does have a lot of servers and a very fast connection speed.

4.Proton VPN
I have used Proton VPN before and liked it as it has very good security and has no monthly data limits, I did however stop using it as it has a one device limit and only 3 locations to choose from.
I have also used before but again have stopped using it as only 3 locations and is limited to only one device it does however have no adverts or speed throttling and is very strong on privacy.

6.Hotspot Shield
I never really liked hotspot shield as my friends at school were always complaining about how it wouldn't work sometimes, after looking into it i found that it only has 500mb of data (A bit like TunnelBear), hotspot shield also has limited configuration options and the connection can be a bit slow sometimes.

My recommendation

Overall my recommendation would be just to get a paid subscription with one of the top ones like tunnelbear or windscribe. But if you do need to get a free one for some reason i would go for windscribe as it has a lot of data and good speeds. But i would recommend that you read through the list and find one that suits you. Also add in the comments one that you think should be here and I will take a look at it.

Get Windscribe

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