Best VPN App For Your Mobile Phone | Must Have App For Those Who are in Crypto

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Hey Guys Alpha-Man is Back here with another blog!!

Today I will Tell You The best VPN App For Your Mobile Phone.

So Till Now In Google Play Store and Also In App Store there are hundreds of VPN Apps Which You can Download and Use But Very Few Does a Great Job..

And If You are in Crypto Then You will need a VPN App Sooner Or Later.

So I Thought Why Not to Tell you the best VPN App So You Dont have to Find It by Yourself and It will Save Your time also.

But Before I tell You , Let me Tell You That Why VPN is Important in Crypto.

Here I am Giving You Example of Telegram!

Telegram Is banned In Pakistan and in some other countries also and If You are in crypto then Telegram is Must for You because there are alot of Channels on telegram Which Give useful information about crypto and With That If You Join Free Airdrops and Bounties Then There are Some Tasks Given there and in every airdrop there will be one task similar in airdrop, which is You have To Join there Telegram and You have to give them your username after joining Telegram Group,
So You Cant Do This Task If Telegram is banned in your country and If You dont do this task then you wont be able to participate in Airdrop.

So I Explained why Telegram is important and If You are unable to Access telegram Just because it is banned in your country then Dont worry, VPN is always there to Help You and Now Let me tell You The best VPN..

So Lets Get started..

The VPN Name is Hola VPN..
This app is available for android and IOS devices.
Use this Link to Download and Install it..



After installing Open it up and The best feature in This VPN is That You Can Use VPN In Specific App..

What Other VPN App offer is that When You Connect VPN On Your Mobile Then Your Whole Browsing Will be through VPN..
But in this app you can browse through VPN on One Specifc app Which is great feature..
As You can see in The Picture That VPN Will apply on Chrome and Not on the whole mobile..

you can browse from any country and this App have over 190+ Countries Available to browse through..


And The Last Feature is that Not Only You Can Apply VPN on App But You Can Browse Website Through This VPN Which are Blocked in Your country.
You can access any website with hola's new mobile browser


Guys I am using this app from last 5 month and it is great, if you are looking for a best vpn app then try this out and i hope you will like it..

if you liked my blog then please hit that upvote button :)

All images are taken from Hola App


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