New Telegram contacts

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We had to change the Telegram contacts. The account was not hacked, Telegram had just logged out it from all our devices and doesn't allow to log in back. We have a small chance to take back the access if Telegram's support responds to the complaint from us. But we don't hope very much for it.

We have lost access both our former support contact and our channel in Telegram, however there is not any suspicious activity in the channel till this moment (last our news from 4th of July 2023 about IN2 and PK1 servers).

All other contacts of DeepWebVPN (ticket form on the site, XMPPs, Tox, Email) have not changed. Look for alternative contact addresses and the new Telegram contacts on the page Contacts, please.

The new support contacts in Telegram: @dwvtg1 and @dwvtg2.


Ticket form (login is required)
Jabber/XMPP #1: [email protected]
Jabber/XMPP #2: [email protected]
Tox: 1DF8EDFE937EBF69F355E6D6288D722700B2445C1EFCAB91FEB7EA852B50566A4937B54EF7CA
E-mail: [email protected]

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